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  1. Retro fit roller cam kit

    Jet Boats
    Looking to replace my flat tappet with a retro fit roller kit. Is it worth it to convert over to a roller setup? Anyone recommend a complete kit for a Gen IV BBC 454?
  2. Cam Sync GM V8

    Parts for Sale
    Cam sync made from a billet MSD Pro Distributor. Machined billet housing with stainless hardware and o ring cap. Hall Effect sensor. The rotor is pinned. slip collar. Composite gear. $180 SHIPPED 918 two six nine 8084
  3. WTB bbc timing cover for cam driven wp

    Parts for Sale
    i am looking for a good used bbc timing cover for cam driven water pump.also need a v drive pan&pickup.
  4. Help choosing a cam for a ZZ502

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Hi, can anyone recommend a cam for a ZZ502 that I'm putting in my heavy layup 18' Jet Boat(sorry in advance lol)? ZZ502 9.6:1 GM Performance Aluminum Heads 290cc 110cc combustion chamber CNC'd. GM Performance CNC'd dual plane intake Holley 850DP Hardin Marine Logs/Snails Haven't decided on...
  5. Cam Drive

    Parts for Sale
    WTB - Neovane slotted coupler I need the slotted coupler that set screws to the end of the water pump shaft. Anyone have one?
  6. Cam change on a 496?

    PB Open Water
    Hi guys, I figured this would be the best place to ask. Looks like a great forum. Here's my question..I don't have a high performance boat, but I do own a 2004 Searay Sundancer with twin 496 375 engines. Currently I have tuned the props, and have done some modifications under the boat to cut...
  7. Retard cam - Reversion issue

    GN7 On the Dyno
    I have my motor out for some winter upgrades and it looks like I am getting some reversion? I installed my cam 2 degrees advanced but would like to retard it as I am not running 11:1 compression and would like a little more rpm on the top end. I have Imco powerflow exhaust and have been told...
  8. [SOLD] BBC Howards Cam solid roller New in box.

    Parts for Sale
    Cam Style: Mechanical roller tappet Basic Operating RPM Range: 3,000-7,000 Intake Duration at 050 inch Lift: 249 Exhaust Duration at 050 inch Lift: 255 Duration at 050 inch Lift: 249 int./255 exh. Advertised Intake Duration: 281 Advertised Exhaust Duration: 287 Advertised Duration: 281...
  9. [Pics] BBC Comp Cam Issue

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Good day my fellow BOAT enthusiasts..... I recently started hearing a different sound coming from the left side exhaust while cruising. As my valve cover gaskets where leaking a little, I thought, no better time than to adjust the valves, right, glad I did!! With engine at idle, I began my...
  10. Clay smith cam bbc

    Parts for Sale
    NEW!!!!! Clay Smith cam and lifers, never been installed. $300.
  11. Motor Build - Piston and Cam combo for 20' Aristocrat Jet

    Jet Boats
    489 Motor Build - Piston and Cam combo for 20' Aristocrat Jet Long story short, the motor that was in the jet boat was toast. Low compression on 3 different cylinders, 2 of which had 95% leak when tested with a leakdown tester. Needless to say, the motor is now out of the boat and at a machine...
  12. ISO: 500EFI or 525EFI or Crane 731 Cam

    Parts for Sale
    I need 2 cams either 500EFI or 525EFI or Crane 731 or something similar.
  13. Cam profile

    GN7 On the Dyno
    / Thanks
  14. cam bearing

    Jet Boats
    if you put some what lite scratches in cam bearings removing the cam would you replace them .two trips two the lake on them......
  15. Magnaflow Cam Driven Water Pump w/ 2" extension

    Parts for Sale
    In great condition, $350.
  16. looking for an original cam

    New member Introductions
    I have a mostly original 1970 22' Schiada DC 454 v-drive, i have a flattened lobe on my flat tappet cam and would like to replace it with as close to original as possible, i know we all can be hyper fanatical about all things Schiada and figured that the original cam has lasted this long so why...
  17. electric or cam driven water pumps whats the diff???

    can anyone educate me on the pros and cons of running a cam or electric water pump on a flat bottom ???
  18. bbc cam

    GN7 On the Dyno
    I have a Gen V/VI Hydraulic roller cam with the stepped front journal. Can this cam be used in a Gen IV block? Is there a retrofit gear and chain set or can I just use a Gen V/VI chain and sprockets?
  19. [SOLD] BBC Comp Cam Belt Drive 6200 for sale

    Parts for Sale
    June 10, 2016 Hello People Comp Cams BBC Belt Drive, new belt, replacement idler red and black tension pulleys and top, bot seals for sale $500 plus shipping. Willis
  20. [Question] cam for olds 455 75

    Jet Boats
    Hi does anyone know which cam was in the 1975 21' rayson craft olds 455 rochester carb berkely 12jg I have a spare 455 and don't want pull the running but limping original in my boat until I get this one done Rob