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  1. McDonalds and Cancer

    Off the Water
    This is kinda scary. Your child's favorite place to eat has this posted on the drive up window in sanger ca. Does yours? If your going to have children how will they turn out? What's it going to do to you? And this is not B.S. this is posted in my town. Took this picture this morning while...
  2. Cancer....

    PB Open Water
    Cancer sucks balls.... I spent yesterday building a memorial art piece for a friend who was losing his battle with cancer.... well he got to see it.. but passed away last night only a couple of hours after it was given to him.. It was a huge sunflower made of horseshoes and a old hubcap from a...
  3. [Announcment] My wife has cancer

    Jet Boats
    Her doctor is having a fund raiser! Since being diagnosed with stage 3C Ovarian Cancer my wife has had to endure two surgeries and now a year of chemo with two more surgeries to follow! If you have the time we would love for you to come out to celebrate her life and share in some good food...
  4. Cancer sucks cruise night sept 5

    Oklahoma Hot Boats
    Hey guys i know this is short notice but thought some of you might want to come out. They are having it at the cancer treatment centers of america in tulsa tomorrow evening actually for the patients to be able to get envolved and see the cars. Ill be there in my grand national. I thought this...
  5. Cancer Cure

    PB Open Water
    I was listening to my normal talk show this morning on the way to work (The DSC in San Diego) and Dave came on and said "You will remember this date as I tell you this" and he got serious for a moment. I was expecting him to come up with some joke or BS, but he said they found a cure for...
  6. Another example of spreading the Cancer

    Political Rhetoric
    Man who fathered 30 kids says he needs a break Good times ahead for America and the World.
  7. Adam Yauch dies of cancer at 47

    PB Open Water
    ORIGINAL beastie boys member Adam Yauch AKA MCA passes after a long battle with cancer... :no: ONE of the favorite bands for young rockers to make cheesy music videos of... They had a good long run...
  8. Cancer in the community

    PB Open Water
    I just received a call from Keith Sayre. He told me that he has been diagnosed with cancer. He's not in a lot of pain or anything like that and his spirits are up. He says that he is gonna beat this thing. Please keep him in your prayers. I will be in touch with him on a regular basis.
  9. Christopher Dodd Just Diagnosed: Prostate Cancer

    PB Open Water
    ....... Lets see if he seeks care via Community Health System ?? The system his party espouses and prescribes for each and every one of us.
  10. Flip-Flops and Baseball Caps Raise Cancer Risk

    PB Open Water
    Flip-Flops and Baseball Caps Raise Cancer Risk Thursday, May 21, 2009 9:31 AM Cheap, convenient and casual, baseball caps and flip-flops have acquired a trendy charm. Those qualities have made them must-wear accessories for teens, outdoor enthusiasts, gardeners or anyone trying to keep cool...
  11. Anybody here have a skin cancer removed?

    PB Open Water
    I was just told I have Squamous Cell Carcinoma and need to have it removed asap. Anybody have this procedure done? What should I expect? It's about the size of a dime on the side of my calf.
  12. Skin Cancer

    PB Open Water
    What a drag that the one by-product of doing outdoor activities is freakin skin cancer. They found something called actinic cheilitis on my wife. The doctors also gave us a ton a literature on it, and we've been reading stuff from different sites all weekend. Looks like it can be treated...
  13. Cancer

    Mideast and Great Lakes
    Life deals the hardest blows some times... I'll sorry if I have not been my self for the past few months. My wife Kelly has been going thru some tough medical issues the past three years, but the last ten months have been pretty grueling. In January she found a mass in her breast, so she took...
  14. Cancer hits the Colbys again

    PB Open Water
    Less than two years after my brother passed from colon cancer, my father lost his battle with cancer and rheumatoid arthritis this morning. He was 80 years old and without him I would have never learned how to drive a boat or have the career I now enjoy. So to anyone on these forums, spend time...
  15. Breast Cancer

    PB Open Water
    I lost my mother to Breast Cancer in 92, so I am in no way making light of the subject..... This is the cutest ad for Breast Cancer awareness that I have ever seen and thought I'd share it!
  16. Jim Foley, Eliminator Boats, Succumbs To Cancer

    PB Open Water
    Earlier today, Jim Foley, an industry icon in the performance power boat market for more than 40 years and Eliminator Boats' National Sales Manager, passed away following a lengthy fight with cancer. Jim was regarded by his peers as the consummate salesman; knowledgeable, affable and...
  17. My Moms cancer is back Need to sell my boat

    Boats for Sale
    we now know that my Moms cancer is back , I need to sell my boat because we have moved her in our home and taken on all of her bills.The first time she found out that she had cancer was 2 years ago, 6 weeks after my Dad had a masive heart attack and passed away.She is only 57 , my Dad was 57...
  18. Prostate Cancer Question??????

    PB Open Water
    I posted this at RDP and wanted to know if anyone over here could help :) I figured with the general ages on here, someone would be able to help me out. My Dad is supposed to get a needle biopsy to see if he has prostate cancer as his PTA levels are very high. He heard a tale about the test...
  19. Chuck Norris sues, says his tears no cancer cure

    PB Open Water
    This sounds like it would be an article from the Onion. By Christine Kearney Fri Dec 21, 7:21 PM ET NEW YORK (Reuters) - Tough-guy actor and martial arts expert Chuck Norris sued publisher Penguin on Friday over a book he claims unfairly exploits his famous name, based on a satirical Internet...
  20. Help Cure Cancer

    Site Announcements
    Good news! Team ownership has been transferred to admin. He will take care of things from here. Thank you for embracing this project and good luck to the team. Donate your spare computer cycles to medical research There is a "Performance Boat Magazine" folding team on the Stanford folding...