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  1. IMCO Fuel Cap

    PB Open Water
    In search of a IMCO fuel cap (new or used) and/or the size and thread of neck. Thank You
  2. fiberglass- cap to boat problem

    Jim Wilkes
    HI` I just had a new wood deck install on to a Raysoncraft 20 foot flatbottom. The person that did the deck work was also going to paint the cap and joint seam whre the deck attaches to the sides of the boat. Well for the reason he gave me ( boat was too long to fit into his paint aera. So I got...
  3. Want to buy. Casale bearing cap for input shaft 10*

    I'm looking to purchase an upper bearing retaining cap for the input shaft for my 10* case split box. My bearing seized on the race boat and it took out the retaining cap. It wasn't pretty. Last lap in a very important points race. Take a look and see what you have laying around. It needs to...
  4. [Wanted] Chrome rim with hub cap

    Trailers and Trailer Parts
    Hi All, I am in search of a spare rim for my trailer. I have a Competitive trailer (see pics of my trailer), but these came on a lot of trailers back in the day. Let me know if you have a really clean rim with hub cap and how much you want for it. I am located in the Bay Area but will drive to...
  5. Wanted to Buy - Spectra Gas Cap

    Parts for Sale
    '78 Spectra with a belly tank. Somewhere on the way to Laughlin, my screw on gas cap decided to part ways with the boat and left just the chain hanging. Anyone have one lying around that they'd like to sell or know a source? Probably 2" inner diameter and 3" outer diameter screw on cap...
  6. [SOLD] Brand new MSD 8570 with extra cap. $225

    Parts for Sale
    Dave 909-821-2808
  7. [Press Release] D21 Ent and Collins Billet Top Bearing Cap for Tach Drive

    Top Bearing Cap for Tach Drive Made from beautifully machined 6061-T6 aluminum. This cap is vented and is a direct replacement for your cast top bearing cap with a tach drive. 6 hole bolt pattern. Thanks, Phil 925-323-9093
  8. WTB gas cap

    Parts for Sale
    WTB Gas cap, Lost the spring loaded lock.
  9. [SOLD] Hub cap 1/2 moon need 1 or more

    Trailers and Trailer Parts
  10. Thunderbolt V Distributor / Cap, Coil, 8MM GM Perf Wires, Ignition Coil Wire - $125

    Parts for Sale
    Thunderbolt V Distributor / Cap, Coil, 8MM GM Perf Wires, Ignition Coil Wire - $75 Taken off a HP500 Carb, Worked Great with no issues. Thunderbolt V set up, Distributor / Cap / Coil (does not appear that I have the screws to hold the cap onto the distributor as well as any type of gasket the...
  11. How to fiberglass top cap back on the hull.

    Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    Hey guys! Finally getting back to work on my hacked up '70 Sanger runner bottom V-Drive project and could use some advice on how I should go about glassing the top cap back on the hull and what supplies I should use. I really want to make this boat slick and I don't want any cracks to show up...
  12. Unused, screw-on gas cap

    Parts for Sale
    Knurled on the outer edge for good grip, smooth on the top and has female threads $15 (949)248-0083 or [email protected]
  13. looking for 71 sanger fuel cap

    hey guys im trying to track down a OEM matching fuel cap for a 71 sanger, anyone know where i can find the match? thanks for your help
  14. MSD Pro Mag Cap Kit

    Parts for Sale
    Have these extra parts : New Cap/Rotor 8119 New Ring 8120 New Retainer 8121 Used ? Rotor 7920 Ring 8120 $ 125 mailed for all these parts Also have 3 each billet mag top housings for above cap kits $ 10 each plus shipping or $ 35 for all 3 mailed 1 ea billet mag top housing for Pro Cap...
  15. [SOLD] Need Flip Top gas Cap ASAP

    Parts for Sale
    Anybody got 1 flip top gas cap any condition - prefer old beat up!.... need it asap though Thanks
  16. [SOLD] ******Vertex cap wires & separators

    Parts for Sale
    New Vertex Cap-8mm pro series solid wire core wires & separators. $100 + the ride. Steve 760-390-0736
  17. Other Gaffrig mufflers & Bravo XR top cap

    Parts for Sale
    4" SS GAFFRIG CLAMP ON SWITCHABLE MUFFLERS WITH AIR PUMP & BRAVO XR ITS TOP CAP. Both are in great shape. Make a reasonable offer and its yours. Mufflers are sold. Top cap is still available.
  18. BBC gen 5 distributor, cap and wires

    Parts for Sale
    This was out of a 95 Carrera Elite. Like new. Was running great when I replaced it with about 110 hours on the original motor with a MSD. 100.00 Located in Murrieta, CA
  19. [Question] Bearing cap bolts

    Jet Boats
    What should I use for thrust bearing cap bolts on a JG? The cap is double drilled. Stainless? Grade 8? Grade 5? TIA, Matt
  20. Fuel Filler Cap Removal

    Jet Boats
    Need some help. Trying to remove the deck mouted fuel filler cap so I can slide the tank back to remove the old steering cable and wiring harness on a '78 Sunkisst. It has side mounted tanks. I have drilled the rivets holding the fuel filler cap but can't get it to pull up. There is no way to...