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  1. Caption This . . .

    PB Open Water
    Extreme urgency?
  2. Caption this . . .

    Political Rhetoric
    Go ahead and caption this one . . .
  3. You Write The Caption.....

    It's a rare occassion, but I'm totally speechless.... Please help with a caption to this photo of Hang Findian.... . . ...(:)eek(:)
  4. Caption this: Dyno Vid

    Jet Boats
    This was posted by Wags in a different thread, thought some of you guys might like this: Caption this: Dyno Catastrophe - YouTube S CP (:)eek(:) (:)eek(:)
  5. Caption contest

    PB Open Water
    SOMEBODY has been jonesing for another dog after Obie passed away, and the wife has been wanting another ... badly. We're at the point in our lives where a puppy is too much hassle. The training, whining, lost sleep... everything you have to do to have a good dog... in a couple years. We wanted...
  6. Caption This!

    PB Open Water
    Eddie (EdonShano) and his boat bitch (Matt) caught with their pants down.... On the Maiden Voyage of the New Boat at Lake Naci. Let's have some fun, caption this.
  7. Add a caption!

    Here's an unaltered pic of RCL from Burley, go ahead and have some fun with it :)hand
  8. This shot needs its own caption,

    PB Open Water
    I have one for it, however I didnt want to take the fun away from all of you...
  9. Add A Caption...

    PB Open Water
  10. Caption This!

    PB Open Water
  11. Add A Caption

    PB Open Water
    Looks like Master Blaster is getting OLD!!