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  1. Outboards
    I don't care what you say!
  2. Classic Hot Boats
    Steel creek marina will host the event April 30 Motel Info has changed and will be posted asap Classic hotboat group rate. $ Red roof plus 200 Simmons st Henderson NC 27536 2524386300 Reservation at 8007337663 block code B343HOT429 $84.99 per night group rate...
  3. Jet Boats
    Weird deal i saw on fb, never seen anything like it was just curious how and if it worked
  4. V-Drives
    Has anyone noticed that any active race teams don't post anything here anymore. What was once a place where everyone could share things and ideas has turned into a drama class. People ask questions on there stuff here and it turns into a cluster fux. These forums were meant to share ideas about...
  5. Jet Boats
    Getting my headers back today. :partyguy: Will be runing them dry. Ive only riden in boats with a dry set up. I personally only ran water injection t valve set ups in the past and with them I knew to look for water coming on at the right rpm's, watch for excessive blueing past the injectors...
  6. PB Open Water
    I saw this and researched it this morning ! :mad: An Iowa State lecturer Thomas Walker suggest that our troops don't deserve Xmas care pakages becasue they (the troops) are sent overseas to kill people (paraphrasing) , simply "google" Thomas Walker Iowa State .. I'm going to send The Iowa State...
  7. PB Open Water
    TKD Fight Night 10-14-11 - YouTube Been in Taekwondo for 3 1/2 years. Making his daddy proud:thumb: The lady laughing is my wife/his mom.
  8. PB Open Water
    This administration feels that seniors are just taking up space </U></B> Senior status is something we all face (IF we're lucky), so read this. Especially note Daschle's statement about the elderly! Then forward, like I'm doing! Guess we'd best start praying that this health care plan fails...
  9. PB Open Water
    So my 19 year old son sick of fast food jobs etc, wants to mow lawns... So he asks me if i'll help him start a yard service business, owning my own business for 30 years i'm thinking in my mind, then weighing in a mini profile and i agree, buy HD mowers, trimmers, blowers, etc. He goes out to...
  10. GN7 On the Dyno
    According to my build sheet mines .065., that's loose right? I'm clueless here. Does boost change things, as far as quench???
  11. PB Open Water
    4 years ago we moved my dad into a independent living home in Cerritos. It was a great chage from living by himself the last 10 years since my mom died. 3 months ago he had to be put in a convalescent home which is real ugly in there. He can't eat anymore and has to be feed thru a tube that goes...
  12. PB Open Water
    Mine is dirrrty.. Like not white anymore. Washing Machine?
  13. PB Open Water
    There may be water on Mars. Well, I've read some of the papers on why its a benefit, and may solve some of the problems of the universe, but its going to be 10,000 years before anyone goes boating there. Don't we have better things to do with our tax dollars. This does not mean I don't like...
  14. PB Open Water
    what kind of cleaner should I use on leather seats and how often? thanks WYRD
  15. PB Open Water
    your pee will not turn green. :D