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    I don't care what you say!
  2. Political Rhetoric
    Trump praises Australia's universal health care. For those who support Trump beliefs, maybe it would be good to know if he's right. On Obamacare, he doesn't have much right. Trump wants to do away with Obamacare, but then praises Australia on their Universal Health Care. You might actually...
  3. Political Rhetoric
    And GOOD RIDDANCE!! :))THumbsUp :))THumbsUp
  4. Political Rhetoric
    Now what Dems? Obama administration confirms double-digit premium hikes
  5. Political Rhetoric
    This complete joke of a healthcare law has failed in every possible way and now it's collapsing providers. UnitedHealth to exit California's Obamacare market - May. 31, 2016
  6. Political Rhetoric
    HILLARY "The LIAR" Paying herself with Campaign Funds.... The campaign of Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton has made payments totaling six figures to Clinton this election cycle, according to a review of its expenditures. Federal campaign finance records reviewed by the...
  7. Classic Hot Boats
    Steel creek marina will host the event April 30 Motel Info has changed and will be posted asap Classic hotboat group rate. $ Red roof plus 200 Simmons st Henderson NC 27536 2524386300 Reservation at 8007337663 block code B343HOT429 $84.99 per night group rate...
  8. Political Rhetoric
    ObamaCare’s death spiral, stage one: Denial | New York Post Wonder if it will get a gubnent bailout? My premium went up again also. Thanks a lot libby's, I wonder how many illegal aliens my increased premium is subsidizing.
  9. Jet Boats
    Weird deal i saw on fb, never seen anything like it was just curious how and if it worked
  10. Political Rhetoric
    SCOTT WALKER GAVE CORPORATIONS CASH TO CREATE JOBS, FORGOT TO CHECK IF THEY CREATED JOBS It's good to see how 'Republican's create new jobs.:))ThumbsDwn ATTABOY REPUBLICANS!! WELFARE FOR CORPORATIONS IS OK. 9,508Share This 446Tweet This "Scott Walker...
  11. Political Rhetoric
    Tell us something that most of us didn't all ready know! This shit should put a lot of people in Leavenworth!! Gruber: Stupidity of Americans Would Have Killed Obamacare | The Daily Caller Check out his video: Obamacare Architect Admits Deceiving Americans to Pass Law
  12. V-Drives
    Has anyone noticed that any active race teams don't post anything here anymore. What was once a place where everyone could share things and ideas has turned into a drama class. People ask questions on there stuff here and it turns into a cluster fux. These forums were meant to share ideas about...
  13. Political Rhetoric
    I didn't think it was important enough to record the deductibles or the co-pays or the maximums in the past. But I think the deductibles were either $250 or $500. The Maximums were no more than 2013s, my guess was lower. OOP = Out of Pocket. This leaves out that the cost to see a specialist...
  14. Jet Boats
    Getting my headers back today. :partyguy: Will be runing them dry. Ive only riden in boats with a dry set up. I personally only ran water injection t valve set ups in the past and with them I knew to look for water coming on at the right rpm's, watch for excessive blueing past the injectors...
  15. Political Rhetoric
    Obama promised Obamacare would lower premiums $2500. per family. Only a liberal would be suckered into such a lie. Survey shows ObamaCare sending premiums rising at fastest clip in decades | Fox News
  16. Political Rhetoric
    The ignorant pukes just can't get it.............No sign ups......Because nobody wants it:wtf:...What say you guys with not signing up:)hammers...............The broadcast I saw was sickening with Him and Nancy,and Joe......justa smiling:((((((
  17. Political Rhetoric
    The GOP minority have now submitted budget after budget and even health care plans that have been completely ignored by the arrogant democrat majority, time and again. Here's one that would save Americans billions and provide us health care as we choose. Tom Price's Obamacare replacement saves...
  18. Political Rhetoric Too good not to share!
  19. Political Rhetoric
    Can you tell a difference between real and fake? Seems like the same message to me.
  20. Political Rhetoric
    Last weeks Time magazine big story for the US market (US Only) Last weeks Time magazine big story for the world market (Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, South Pacific) Appears that Putin is in charge of the world.....our guy, total loser who played "spades" with the help as soldiers were...