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  1. bunk carpet?

    Well I decided to just replace my bunks with wood instead of the ultimate bunk boards, after reading the instructions id have to weld some supports to the trailer and im just not in the mood for that,,,so I got some good redwood to use (I had used pressure treated last time and it seems like the...
  2. Marine Carpet????

    Looking for red carpet in 20 oz. I can buy 16 oz in red but can't find 20. Anyone have a good source? I need about 25 yards.
  3. Howard Cruiser What Kind of Carpet works Best?

    I have this 82 Howard cruiser. It has some red shag carpet from 82 in it. The carpet is very faded. I know they make carpet dye. Maybe that would work but im wondering where you buy carpet for a boat. Will just outdoor rug work?
  4. Replacing carpet with gelcoat,or other options

    Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    Hey guys, I've been a bit absent lately as just crazy busy with life and work. Now that it's winter it's time for some love on the New Cheetah FastCat. The carpet the guy installed a few years back is just junk. It's isn't holding up very well, and it's just plain HOT!! The cheap stuff I got...
  5. Hookup on 40oz marine carpet?

    Jet Boats
    Do any PB members have a hook up on 40oz marine quality carpet (Dark blue) Looking on line it seams little expensive for the 40oz compared to the 20oz. I seeing a price of $190 for a 8'x12' roll of it, is a normal price? Any one have link they can send me for better pricing? Thanks. Trevor.
  6. Carpet for the house

    Other Stuff for Sale
    If you need new carpet installed in your house let me know. Let me know the manufacturer, type, color and i can get it for a lot cheaper then any big box store or flooring company. I can also provide installation. Sean 760-445-6643
  7. Bunk carpet

    PB Open Water
    Who carries it? Homie Depot used to have some nice black stuff but I can't find it now, only grey.
  8. Carpet cleaner in havasu

    PB Open Water
    Cand anybody recommend a good carpet cleaner in Havasu, need to get my condos carpet cleaned before my snowbirds come in November. Thanks in advance
  9. bunk carpet

    Parts for Sale
    1 piece new 24" x 12' black bunk carpet $40
  10. Boat Carpet Project

    PB Open Water
    Here are a few pictures from my boat re-carpeting project. I'm not sure if anyone is interested or cares but thought I'd throw a few pics up.
  11. Carpet

    Jet Boats
    Hello, replacing the carpet in the jet and was looking for this specific color. Was an early 80's grass carpet. Anyone know if they still make this color? Thanks..
  12. Smelly carpet....

    PB Open Water
    Why, oh why, do custom manufacturers think that glued down carpet in the ski lockers is a good idea? Even the production boat manufacturers have moved away from this. My last boat with fully glued down carpet was in the mid-90's and was a 88 HydroStream Valero - man it smelled like wet dog...
  13. Need pontoon carpet and installation in Havasu

    West Coast - South
    Anyone know of a good place in Havasu to re do my pontoon carpet? Thanks for your help.:)
  14. Hallett wood floor or carpet

    PB Open Water
    I have a 96 240 open bow Im working on the wood floor is in bad shape I dont know wether to restore the floor or just put carpet over it
  15. tile and carpet cleaner

    PB Open Water
    just had my carpets and tiles cleaned by doug at precision carpet and tile cleaning did an awesome job. he is located in corona and can take care of the orange county and inland empire locations. told him about posting this on here and will give a performance boats discount to all members...
  16. Removing Oil In Carpet

    PB Open Water
    In the back of my boat where I keep my anchor and extra lines a quart of oil leaked into the carpet. I've used shampoo and all kinds of stuff to get it appears to be clean but still leaves an oily residue on anything left back there..any tips on what to use to get it all out..thanks.
  17. Changing my carpet in my Bennington possibly...

    PB Open Water
    I was reading in another post about the spray liner for his boat and removing the carpet and it got me thinking.... What would I have to do to replace the carpet on my Bennington with a non-slick surface? I believe under my carpet is wood. Is it a matter of having someone shoot/apply...
  18. Spray in bedliner to replace carpet?

    Jet Boats
    The carpet in the Nordic I just picked up needs to be replaced. I was thinking of removing the interior and having bedliner sprayed in. Anyone have any thoughts of why not to do this? (BTW, the stringers and floor are in good shape)
  19. Bay Area Marine Carpet

    Hi All, anyone know of a good local source in the Bay Area for marine carpet (in stock)? Thanks!
  20. How do you clean your carpet?

    PB Open Water
    I got some new seats to put in the Carrera but before I do I want to clean the carpet up nice and good. Its pretty beat, beyond just vacuuming but not bad enough to where it needs to be replaced. How do you guys reinvigorate your carpet? Depart with some of that widsom. Thanks, Lee