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  1. Grand Opening of All Cal Golf Cars - Brentwood

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    Anyone in the area is welcome to stop by our new location this Saturday May 21 from 10am-3pm for our grand opening of our Brentwood store at: All Cal Golf & Industrial Vehicles 700 Harvest Park Dr. Suite E Brentwood, CA 94513 Back behind the bowling alley off Balfour. We will have free food and...
  2. Who likes the on Z cars.

    PB Open Water
    Yesterday while cruising on Lake Harris chain of lakes we came across the Z fest. Some really good looking 240Z 260Z 280Z ect.
  3. Trains, Planes, Cars and our Favorite Boats !

    PB Open Water
    Trains, Planes, Cars and our Favorite Boats !01/30/2015 0 Comments This past Sunday we enjoyed a crisp blue skied day and we decided to head for the water. We loaded up the suburban pulled it to church and right afterwards made our way to Lake Dora. The Harris chains are our usual haunt but...
  4. Kids and cars

    PB Open Water
    So My GF's son is in to Airsoft, video games and reading, while his twin sister is in to doing stuff with tools; We built a Cat diner that keeps my pooch out, and she helped with changing the oil and installing some custom parts. I've been trying to get the boy into cars, taking him to the...
  5. dates , cars, boats

    can anyone tell me the final round dates for the top fuel cars, and top fuel boats , and where they will b held at. thanks dean
  6. Cars and Coffee

    PB Open Water
    Saw a few cars and one boat that caught my eye......really rowdy barracuda and few others.....
  7. Shipping project cars

    Off the Water
    So, I moved to Washington state from SoCal almost a year ago. Unfortunately I wasn unable to bring a project car with me. I am now in the position to try and figure out how to get my project up to my shop but I have never shipped a vehicle before. Granted if it was a running driving vehicle I...
  8. [For Sale] Sand cars unlimited dual sport

    ATV, Offroad, Dirt Bikes
    Sold 2002 Sand cars unlimited long travel sand car/dual sport, 3.0 turbo Honda V6, Arias pistons, Turbonetics turbo and waste gate, Jet hot coated headers, made 315 HP to the tire at only 7lbs of boost, 091 trans, Jamar shifter, turning brakes, Wilwood rear disc brakes, new General red label...
  9. nfc nitro funny cars in orange

    On sat feb 23 Panchos mexican restaurant in orange cal is hosting a nostalgia nitro funny car display and hot rod show. Come on by and see, here, and smell the nitro cars as they will be fired and clutches seated for upcoming march meet at famosa raceway. Also enjoy a ice cold beer and taco at...
  10. Nascar new cars????

    PB Open Water
    what do you think is the best looking car, whats your brand, your driver, and most important whats your opinion of the new season??
  11. New cars you are impressed with

    PB Open Water
    I think Cadillac has hit a High Point,and the other day a BLACK Buick lucerne passed me and it was beautiful. I just wish could afford to step up.
  12. Counting Cars

    PB Open Water
    Saturday Fright. Guess who? Anyone remember this? :happy: Saturday Fright at the Movies - YouTube
  13. Electric Cars and Ethanol

    Political Rhetoric
    Hey Guys, I've got something I'd like to share with you all that I think most of you will enjoy. I'm a student at the University of Louisville (but I'm from MI) and this is an argumentative essay I had to write for one of my classes. It's quite lengthy, but if you have the time and would like...
  14. ...RIP Mike Fennel...Auction To Be Held Of Cars Parts and Tools Dec 8th...

    ...I don't know how many of you were familiar with, or knew Mike,...but he passed away a short time ago and his wife Juli is auctioning off many of the shops tools and a ton of parts and cars... ...Mike and crew were responsible for much of the restoration process on the Blackhawk Collection as...
  15. RC Cars

    PB Open Water
    Where can I get updated on the RC Car world? I'm trying to find what is today's most popular car and what is the "car to have".
  16. Inside storage Cars -other

    Other Stuff for Sale
    Around the end of October I anticipate having 3-4 spots available for inside storage. I am relocating my shop presently to the unit behind the one I'm in now and the layout will completely change. This will be especially suited to cars.. classic cars, project cars, whatever type of cars. Boat...
  17. Let's see your race cars

    PB Open Water
    I'm curious to see how many performance boaters also pound the pavement....straight line, circle, doesn't matter.... I've had a few over the years.
  18. Obama administration floats draft plan to tax cars by the mile. He just gets worse!

    Political Rhetoric
    Just when you thought he wouldn't do more damage in an election year. Oh sure, they are denying it's a real proposal but the simple fact is that they have already discussed how the new government office known as the "Surface Transportation Revenue Alternatives Office" will be established in...
  19. Street Cars

    Michigan Hot Boats
    I know a lot of us have street machines. Would there be any interest for a gathering to do some crusing? The weather is too cold to go boating....lets see your street machine!
  20. Calling All Street Rods and Muscle Cars

    PB Open Water
    The Lake Havasu Boat Show, April 20-22 is also having a "Legends by the Lake" Car Show and we still have room for a few more cars. If you'd like to exhibit your street rod or muscle car, the entry fee is only $35 and it includes a lot of cool stuff. If interested, please call (928) 505-5399...