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  1. West Coast - North
    Has anyone heard any info or dates on the 2013 Power boat regatta at Harrison, ID this year? They usually announce early so you can get slips.
  2. PB Open Water
    Livin the dream: 100+ boats, 100+ degrees, 100+ women, and $9000+ raised for the American Lung Association.
  3. West Coast - North
    First off.... A huge thanx to everyone who helped put this event on and to everyone who attended. It went off without a hitch and it just keeps getting bigger and better every year. With that being said, anyone have pictures they'd like to post? I'm sure we would all love to see them.
  4. West Coast - North
    Is closing in fast..... 10 days and counting. 1. DCB F32 w/700 mercs 'AFTER GLOW' 2. DCB F32 w/700 mercs 'Bucket List' 3. DCB F32 w/710 Ilmors 4. DCB F32 w/Teague 800s 5. Eliminator 33 w/800 Teagues 'It Is All About Me' 6. 38 Scarab w/540s 'NewKindAttention' 7. 31 Scarab w/600s 8. 35 Forumula...
  5. West Coast - North
    CDA Area people How about those of us on here making plans to meet at Arrow point this thursday? Ill have cold beer on the boat! What do you think? Lets show everbody else that we start every weekend by thursday afternoon!
  6. West Coast - North
    Guess I better winterize the boat. :mad:
  7. West Coast - North
    As of 2:30 we were .17 feet from flood stage. I called the Kootenai County Sheriff's department and asked a few questions. Public disclosure of the no wake zone designation will be going out via traditional media outlets in the morning, i.e. newspapers and TV. No postings at launch sites. A...
  8. West Coast - North
    So.......... this is what it looks like outside my door right now. Seriously.............. WTF? It was 70 last weekend. A buddy sent me text the other night and it read; "Do you realize that in 4 months it's September?" This boating season is going to be short this year. On the...
  9. West Coast - North
    This is my nephew, Dustin, flying the skyski on CDA a couple years back, he's a fireman in Spokane. Took me FOREVER to get his ass up on it, but he did pretty good :D for a "kid". I finally got his liitle brother, the cop, also in Spokane, up on it last year,...... he sucks :)devil but I'll...
  10. West Coast - North
    Anyone wanna hit CDA lake in a couple weeks for some test runs with my schiada
1-10 of 10 Results