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  1. Looking for everyones .02 cents....

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Current power: 7.4l mpi motors (oval port heads, 310hp and MEFI 3's) NOW?!?! I am planning on building motors and robbing as many accessories and brackets from the old motors as possible. Upgrading what I have to as I go. I also have HP525 EFI intakes laying around, which I would love to use...
  2. 2 eggs, hash browns, toast and 5 shares of GM for 99 cents.

    Political Rhetoric
    The markets wants to recover but beware of fools rallys. I really don't think we'll know when it hit bottom until some time after. We got a long way to go.
  3. any picsat cfw of dollars 'n' no cents?

    Jet Boats
    i have no pics or vid. of my boat & it ran the best it ever has. just hoping someone has something ,sure would appriciate it . thanks ,turbo wog
  4. any pics at cfw of dollars 'n' no cents ?

    i have no pics or vids of my boat, it is the best it has ever ran ! just hoping someone got something for me.sure would appriciate it . thanks, turbo wog