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  1. Mercruiser 496 MAG impeller w/ housing change

    PB Open Water
    2003 Essex Monarch 23’ with a 496MAG HO and mercruiser bravo outdrive. Just got an invoice from a shop that charged $660 for an impeller & housing kit. Parts only. + $300 for 3 hrs labor install. I’ve owned a few boats and have done a few impellers myself, granted, not on this boat...
  2. Cam change on a 496?

    PB Open Water
    Hi guys, I figured this would be the best place to ask. Looks like a great forum. Here's my question..I don't have a high performance boat, but I do own a 2004 Searay Sundancer with twin 496 375 engines. Currently I have tuned the props, and have done some modifications under the boat to cut...
  3. No rpm change...

    GN7 On the Dyno
    My jet boat boat turned 5600 rpm with an A cut impeller. I Changed the cam to more lift and duration... still 5600 rpm. Changed impeller to a B cut still 5600 rpm. My thought is that I may need more carb? It doesn't fall on it face or nose over... just levels out at 5600. I have dual 660's on...
  4. Hydraulic roller break in/oil change

    GN7 On the Dyno
    I know for flat tappet you break the cam in and immediately change the oil. What do you guys do for hydraulic roller?
  5. How to you the make the change or do you?

    PB Open Water
    Sold my v-hull boat early this year with 525, sounded great, love they way it performed and a great looking boat that caught everybody's attention. Purchased tritoon with 300 Verado to get by with and to my surprise it made a lot of since. After my great experience with the outboard I am...
  6. Revision troule after exhaust change?

    Jet Boats
    Looking to get some input as to "is my cam too big for my exhaust". Changed exhaust now I have revision issues! engine is a BBC gen V 454, 9.5CR, steel heads, cam spec: solid lifter, 249/254 @.050, .615I/.626E lift, 110 lobe sep, 106CL with 4deg adv. My motor was built for OT headers and I...
  7. A Change of Plans...for the Better

    PB Open Water
    A Change of Plans ...for the Better 05/08/2015 0 Comments It was a typical Sunday afternoon we headed to church with the boat in tow ready to head out as soon as we heard the last Amen. Lately we’ve had the pleasure of the grandkids joining us at church and when their momma needed to take on...
  8. Casale gear change tutorial

    Took my Casale case apart today to see what gear ratio is in it. Took some pictures for a quick how to. I have had a couple questions about this recently. -1- take the top bearing cover off. Be careful of the thin gaskets. There is probably more than one. They act as shims. -2-...
  9. What has changed. I can't change my avatar pic

    Community Help
    I have tried all four links thru photobucket before during and after resizing the pic so small I can't see it. Up loading doesn't work and linking doesn't work. My avatars work great on other boards. All I have accomplished is deleting the avatar I had in place and I can't put that one back...
  10. NJBA 2015 Proposed Rule Change

    Jet Boats
    December 8, 2015 Hello People NJBA Members receive ballots to vote on course length change for some of the category’s class or all. Also do not add any categories to the 1000’ limit. :)Unsure What are the gains the membership will receive, or the no worth to stay the same, 1320’ course...
  11. Here's your hope and change in a nutshell . . .

    Political Rhetoric
    Real numbers as reported by the government. Thank liberals everywhere . . . Record 92,120,000 People Not In U.S. Labor Force
  12. How to change gears in an Ace Champion V Drive

    Picking up some 19's today to replace my 29's. Looking for directions, or any advice on how to do it. I must get it done this weekend, so any help would be appreciated. If there are seals, gaskets or whatever I will need to get on order, please advise. Thanks in advance for the help. Jack...
  13. Parts from BBC engine build/ Drive Change

    Parts for Sale
    Things I have left from my BBC engine build all in perfect condition... Internally Balanced Flywheel - Top mount starter - SOLD Bravo I HP/ IMCO SC - Drive Helmet - SOLD BBC Starter - $40.00 Bravo I Labbed 30p props (LH/ RH matched) - $750.00 Stock "S" pipes - 496/ 502 CMI E-Top headers -...
  14. Want to change from pro charger to roots

    GN7 On the Dyno
    I have a 500hp efi built up to 540 with dart pro 1 heads blower pistons bigger injectors and a m1 pro charger at 8 lbs when I can get the belt tight enough. I want to go to a roots type blower. questions. i like the looks of a big belt 10 or 1271. a whippile is more efficient is the 500 efi...
  15. 540 cu in w/pro charger want to change to roots

    Bob Teague
    I have a 500efi built up to 540 with dart pro 1 heads blower pistons bigger injectors and a m1 pro charger at 8 lbs when I can get the belt tight enough. I want to go to a roots type blower. questions. i like the looks of a big belt 10 or 1271. a whippile is more efficient is the 500 efi stage 2...
  16. Change

    Jet Boats
    We like people here to have fun. We like tech threads. Lately we have had numerous complaints from a number of you about content direction in this jet section. We don't like that. Another thread is being deleted along with chronic troublemaker. If this trend continues there will be more...
  17. name change

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    Hey all I have officially unofficially changed the name of our boat from top gun to College Fund. Same guy different name. I could not figure out how to just change my profile so I created a whole new profile. The day computers have feelings I cant wait to kick their A$$ :bangmyhead:
  18. Oil change extraction Pumps???

    Jet Boats
    What is the "best pump"to extract 40-50W through dip stick tube? TIA SNiC
  19. I hope to only do that once a year: oil change

    Jet Boats
    I'm pretty sure that's the most expensive oil change I've ever done. :shock: Well at least it wasn't as costly as Redline........ :hmmm: S CP :happy:
  20. Something Has To Change

    Political Rhetoric
    Well I'd like to see what our resident liberals think of the tax rates our chidren will have to pay if we don't get entitlements under control. Cost of Entitlements: To cover $35T promise, future generations face steep tax hikes | Fox News