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  1. "The military Changed Him"

    Political Rhetoric
    So it was the Army's fault that he murdered 5 police officers. Kicked out of the Army for stealing panties . Always looking to blame someone other that the one at fault. Look at JP.. Always wanting to blame us for his stupidity. Or the employer for being let go. Micah Johnson: Dallas killer...
  2. This changed the class. OUTLAW IS YOUR ONLY OPTION.

    October 20, 1985 Subject: Rule proposals Dear Gentlemen: Enclosed you will find new rule proposals drawn up by myself and Bob Goettel. We have spent a considerable amount of time and thought evaluating these rules by observing different situations occurring at race sites and by observing...
  3. What has changed. I can't change my avatar pic

    Community Help
    I have tried all four links thru photobucket before during and after resizing the pic so small I can't see it. Up loading doesn't work and linking doesn't work. My avatars work great on other boards. All I have accomplished is deleting the avatar I had in place and I can't put that one back...
  4. My how things have changed....

    New member Introductions
    Hey guys, been a few years but im clawing my way back.....Mike Cline back in action. Not building much rite now...But do have some new projects coming up. Been doing restore work more then anything. My TR-2 molds are in parker at dragboats unlimited. Still have the wesco and deaver hydro molds...
  5. Thought id stop in and check up on this place .. Lets see if anything has changed

    PB Open Water
    Are jet boats still slow? Is Dia still afraid of snakes? Has anyone converted to being a liberal ? Has through hull exhaust made anyones boat faster? Has the B crowd ever fogiven the A crowd? Whats the latest TBI chop? Has RCL become famous yet? Has RD moved out of his parents basement yet? Has...
  6. 20' Liberty outboard tunnel changed to jet boat!!!!!

    Jet Boats
    My brother and I built this boat and motor back in the day, found a 20' Liberty tunnel outboard never rigged. Changed it to a jet with a 468 Chevy, twin turbos, 750 hp. plus a 350 hp. nitrous system. Hauled ass, sold it years ago never have seen or heard about it again, can't find the rest of...
  7. So What Has Changed ?

    Political Rhetoric
    Seems O's wanting to hike taxes on the rich is just plain ole class warfare and politics. Seems he can't remember what he said a year ago. What has changed ? and why is it now that the Reps are saying the same thing yet it can't work according to O. Obama 2011: We can get $1.2 trillion in...
  8. WEB SITE is changed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PB Open Water
    We have changed the site and made it easy to navigate. new features and simple! check it out
  9. what changed??????????

    Political Rhetoric
    What a peaceful, courteous decorum we have here... I wonder what the change is from??? hil:)
  10. Not much has changed in 47 years....

    Political Rhetoric
    If you have time watch the whole 30 min it's almost like it was meant for 2011. ‪In the Words of President Reagan‬‏ - YouTube
  11. Bass Lake 2011 - Bathing suits sure have changed?

    Y'all ready for Bass Lake this year's going to be a big one. Last year a couple sweathearts asked to pose for pics on our boat - I had to say yes (it's our duty as hot boaters)! See you at Ducey's and the Pines Bar! - Gary
  12. Boy this place has changed alot this I was last on

    PB Open Water
    Hello everyone :D I'm back
  13. Michael Jackson....nothing has changed !!!

    PB Open Water
    Happiness 4ever..!!!
  14. Times have changed ....

    PB Open Water
    It is going to be a unique time in our history . I am amazed at all the postions that blacks/colored/ african Americans / Americans ect ect now hold in our goverment .I have to say it is monumental ! We are truley a melting pot , Will be interesting watching the world change as i get older and...
  15. My Life Changed Today

    PB Open Water
    At 2 this afternoon my wife called me at work. She said she had started bleeding and was on her way to the hospital. I left work in a hurry and hauled ass to the hospital. Arriving at the hospital I was scared to death. Our baby isn't due until February 10th and everything has been great...
  16. How things have changed

    Gray Water Storage
    I was just on that Hot Boat site that people talk about, there were no members on line and I was one of two guest :D
  17. Race date changed - NJBA May Race

    Jet Boats
    April 20, 2008 Hello People, :(:( Was informed that we have to change the May race to May 3 & 4, 2008. Kern Co. changed the dates. Willis
  18. Customer changed mind. LCD TV Sale

    Other Stuff for Sale
    Sorry if this is in the wrong spot. (Move if needed) I had a customer change there minds on the TV's they wanted. Of course this is after I ordered them and had them delivered. Before I send them back and charge him the restocking fee, I wanted to give the board an opportunity to save some...
  19. How things have changed !!

    PB Open Water
    SCHOOL -- 1957 vs. 2007 Scenario: Jack goes quail hunting before school, pulls into school parking lot with shotgun in gun rack 1957 - Vice Principal comes over, looks at Jack's shotgun, goes to his car and gets his shotgun to show Jack. 2007 - School goes into lock down, FBI called, Jack...