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  1. 2012 31' Novurania Chase

    Boats for Sale
    2012 31’ Novurania CHASE - Very clean yacht tender with only 600hours on twin Yanmar 260 hp diesel I/O. Boat has a dark black hull with taninterior and bottom paint. It has a flush mounted bow dodger, tow package,stainless steel handrails, windless anchor system, bimini top, fusion...
  2. Havasu police chase

    Off the Water
    Like right now. leo went by my house at close to 70 chasing i think a 4 wheeler. Leo was right behind when they went by, half hour later they still can't find him. 10:00 and they still can't find him. LEO has no business rolling those kind of speeds in a residential (trottwood/highlander) area...
  3. chase bank sucks

    PB Open Water
    Ok ive been with chase bank a long time and never had issues til recently. Recently my debit card was stolen and there was $1500 in charges made in salt lake city (which is 6 hours from me). As soon as I realized my card was gone I shut the card down and then found out about the charges in salt...
  4. live and let die boat chase video.....

    PB Open Water
    YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
  5. I believe it's time to cut to the chase!

    Political Rhetoric
    Step up Rod! Come on 1986! Spit it out shue! Let hear it z! Speak up demouse and all you other died-in-the-sheep's-wool-liberals! It's time to tell us all how your Kenyan hero is better for America than Romney! Forget philosophy, let's deal in facts. I'll start! One has a verifiable...
  6. Chase Boat Request

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    Requesting a chase boat for the evening of Friday May 29th. Probably around 6PMish...was thinkin maybe a short run from Whorewood to Union Point. Who's in?
  7. Car Chase Via Online Radio Scanner - Right Now

    PB Open Water
    Been following this for a while:
  8. Bently low speed chase on Fox now

    PB Open Water
  9. a good boat chase

    PB Open Water
    I just uploaded this today!!! This is a cool boat chase!