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  1. Hugo Chavez is dead

    PB Open Water
    No Great loss wonder what POS will take his place ............. BTW this was probably George Bush's fault !!:)grn
  2. Thanks Barack, from your buddy Chavez

    Political Rhetoric
    What? :)coffee Obama designates Chavez home as monument - Washington Times President Obama designated the home of Latino labor leader Cesar Chavez as a national monument Monday, a move Republicans denounced as a desperate attempt to shore up Latino support as the race tightens in its final...
  3. hugo chavez gas stations

    PB Open Water
    Does anyone know what the names are that Venezuelas pres. Hugo Chavez is using here in the USA> I've heard that they have changed the names so that people will still buy gas there and was wondering what they are? Keith Sayre
  4. Decent Hotel Near Chavez

    PB Open Water
    Going out there to see my Cubbies have their way with the Dodgers June 7 and am looking for a nice, not-exorbitantly-priced hotel nearby (preferabbly walking distance) for a couple nights. Anyone know of any?