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  1. Michigan Hot Boats
    Anybody seen or heard from Chet????? He might have been abducted by Aliens and being probed as I write this !!!!:)sphss
  2. Michigan Hot Boats
    Happy Birthday!:party-smiley-020:
  3. Michigan Hot Boats
    As you both know ,,you suck!Scot you are right there too. It was a great day on that lake I didnt take a camera but someone else did and I thought I would start a thread for them to post...Marc it was nice to meet you,Harv I'm glad I didnt have to be towed,Elaine sorry bout not knowing your name...
  4. PB Open Water
    Just got a phone call. Chet passed away yesterday. Very sad :(
  5. V-Drives
    Surprised no one has posted this yet?
  6. Gray Water Storage
    :)bulb I think Chet should be banned. The drama and insults bring the forum down and bring out the worst in everybody. Even if you put him on ignore you have to read other members' responses to his provocations. It is the worst of HB all over again. . . . Just a thought. Peace be with you...
1-6 of 6 Results