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    Official Site of the Chicago Boat, Sports & RV Show Fred's Shed link: Fred's Shed Interactive Learning Center Watch, learn and do! If you're a do-it-yourselfer or boat owner interested in maintaining, repairing or upgrading your boat or...
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    This may get redirected to another section of the forum but I enjoyed the read. President Barack Obama recently extended an invite to the 1985 Chicago Bears for a long-delayed visit to the White House. One Hall of Famer from that team will not be making the trip. Former Bears defensive tackle...
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    My Toy Hauler seems to need new tires, trying to go on a trip this weekend, but with a triple axle trailer, pretty costly for amybe 2 trips this year. :)st
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    I know someone on her does this. I need to get my fathers boat from Chicago (Chain of Lakes) to Dallas (Lake TBD). Plese PM me contact data so I can get a quote.
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    They are open and the Gabe & kathy say business is great! They said they will miss the summer crowd:( they have expanded as well as the menu ,more seating as well as plenty of tables outside in the courtyard They are located in the new mall in the court yard next to the new movie theaters. My...
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