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  1. Cindy Sheehan for Gov of Cali

    Political Rhetoric
    Holy shit, it's real!!! :)sphss Cindy Sheehan for California Governor 2014
  2. Cindy Helms incident

    WFL Crew
    I heard from a few folks yesterday that Cindy and Barry are up in Illinios racing, said that Cindy was pitched from her CP tunnel right at the finish line. Everything that I have heard is that she is fine just going to be bruised up and sore, and boat is fine, and that she is jumping back in...
  3. Snapped... Cindy Sommer

    PB Open Water
    I just watched this episode, about how she was accused of poisoning her Marine husband with arsenic. The trial was a joke, no proof, but this hard ass ***k face blonde in the, I believe, San Diego District Attorney office pursued it relentlessly. After two and a half years behind bars, and after...
  4. Cindy McCain's a drifter and a big race fan

    PB Open Water
    Who knew?
  5. does cindy mccain look like ...

    PB Open Water
    Beavis or what ??