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  1. Political Rhetoric
    This article came from Here is it's link. Interesting reading. I must have missed it on NBC news. A Ukrainian MP says a document leaked from the Ukraine's Office of the...
  2. Political Rhetoric
    So Obama's recovery is going so strong right now that 1 in 5 families have no one working. Of course the liberal Kool-Aide drinkers will say that 20% of the population is retired! We all know that's BS!!! Average household income is down, yet the economy is flourishing?? In 1 in 5 Families in...
  3. Jet Boats
    I figured I would start a thread where we can post wishful thinking in Craigslist adds. Correct me if I'm wrong but 90 mph out of a heavy sleek with a n/a 460? I doubt it. 1976 sleekcraft jet boat 3500 obo
  4. Political Rhetoric
    Our ally, Mubarak just had to go right?
  5. West Coast - South
    The Wife And I Took The New Owner Of Our Wakiki Jet Boat Out Sat May 2. We Stayed Out All Day Having Fun With Friends And Other Boaters , We Were On Our Way Back To The Boat Ramps And Went By The Cliffs Were People Like To Jump Off Up Front And A Jet Boat Sank. The Owner Was Letting His Ol Lady...
  6. Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    Very sad rest in peace if anyone knows the family can you please give them our condolence's and let us know if there is anything we can do.
  7. V-Drives
    you guys wont talk to him now he's playing on the jet site messin with a guy who whooped him with a ski boat and a 429 bbf you guys need to help him before he ruins the v-drive image hell i got a v-drive cruizer and im bummed when he says he's a v-driver also when were in public