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  1. Dow closes above 25,000!

    Political Rhetoric
    Fastest 1,000 point gain ever!....only took 23 days. I wonder what happened over the last 23 days that would have inspired that?
  2. DOJ closes IRS investigation with no charges

    Political Rhetoric
    Lavey29 and I posted Threads on this story at the same....... As a courtesy to him, Please make your comments here on Lavey29's thread. :)hand
  3. Where is are home track going to be if Firebird closes

    Arizona Dragboat Association - ADBA Jeremy what have you heard?? :)Unsure.......................Joey
  4. Irwindale closes

    PB Open Water
    Read in local paper that the circle and drag venues at Irwindale are closed. Another sad day in southern California. Gonna miss a place you can run hard without getting a ticket.
  5. Another Chevrolet Dealer Closes

    PB Open Water
    Courtesy Chevrolet in Thousand Oaks gave the word to all employees yesterday that they are locking the doors Friday. GM is taking back all the cars today and tomorrow. Courtesy has been in business with the same owner since 1967. Few friends have been there for 20+ yrs and are now unemployed...
  6. Mervyns Dept Store Closes Doors

    PB Open Water
    Mervyns filed BK this summer and will announce today they will be closing ALL stores. Guess that means I better use that gift certificate fast.... I worked for Mervyns in Yuma, actually a good company to work for and they have been around for awhile. Sad to see them go. Another sign...
  7. Red Bluff promoter closes shop

    I was just told that the promoter for Red Bluff is liquidating. He's done! Anybody want to be a promoter?
  8. Pelosi Closes House Chambers....

    Political Rhetoric
    ....To censor Republican discussion! THIS is how concerned the Dems are about the energy crisis. Appeared here: No wonder Congress has an approval rate in single digits.
  9. Another big rig wreck closes bridge

    PB Open Water
    I think it might be time for a runaway ramp