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  1. Parts for Sale
    I have the new style lenco clutch with a new Owens bell housing, input shaft ,PTO ,out put yoke ,co2 bottle, regulator and Pingle valve. Aluminum flywheel All in excellent condition with spares.... $2500.00 for everything.... also have a 10 degree Casale with 18s in it brand new JJ beaver fab...
  2. Parts for Sale
    Looking for a manual clutch handle for a Lenco clutch. Call or text is best, David 925 5nine5-4two44, I don't get on the site often.
  3. Parts for Sale
    I have a Older Lenco Clutch,"Safe Drive" came with my Boat and am not going to use it,Just Polished bell housing ,Clutch will polish up nice also,Appears to be everything there.$900 Plus Shipping
  4. Parts for Sale
    Wtb a handle and plunger assembly for a lenco clutch. Does anyone have one that they took out of their clutch to switch to pneumatic air activation? chris 949.433.4420
  5. Parts for Sale
    2 speed has 28 split. Clutches and spragless unit are fresh. Unit was bought new in 2013. $3,600. Contact Cole @ 479-518-1701
  6. Parts for Sale
    Looking for Lenco or Owens clutch and Bellhousing for big Chevy. Contact Leland at 304-320-1800
  7. V-Drives
    anyone have or know of a used Owens clutch that's for sale? please PM - call or text me. Roger 801 458 516 five thanks.
  8. Parts for Sale
    Selling a 2011 Owens bell housing clutch and 30 split 2-speed. Has 17 passes on it, since Scott Owens checked it. Has 2 solenoids Chevy or Chrysler button, 35 spline input 32 output Asking for $3,000.00. Would prefer to have picked-up or deliver in town due to the size and weight or we can...
  9. V-Drives
    I did a quick search but did not see them. I'm looking for a parts list in case I need to order replacement parts.
  10. Parts for Sale
    Lenco 11 disk clutch. Safedrive clutch model just rebuilt by Scott at Lenco. Have receipts for $700 rebuild. Includes button for crank shaft for rear of clutch. Also includes spline coupler for 1350 drive shaft. No bell housing included. Thanks for looking. $1100 chris 949.433.4420
  11. V-Drives
    What type of oil is everyone using in there Lenco clutch?
  12. Parts for Sale
    I'm looking for BBC lenco bell housing 25 - 31 split 2 speed thanx Bev :flowerysmileqh2::flowerysmileqh2:
  13. Parts for Sale
    Looking for a Owens clutch and trans set up for a hydro. Thanks Mark
  14. Parts for Sale
    We need a clutch, I hope to find one soon. Thanks
  15. Parts for Sale
    Lenco Clutch for sale 11 disk Lenco Safe-drive Clutch for sale. Just serviced and rebuilt by Lenco, and has not been used since service. Have receipts. Includes 1350 spicer heavy- duty Drive line, 4-bolt spice HD coupler, with Lenco yolk-spline coupler to mate to clutch output shaft, button...
  16. Parts for Sale
    WTB Owens clutch or Lenco clutch I'm looking for an Owens clutch. Or Lenco. Thanks
  17. Parts for Sale
    I have a 1999 bravo xr drive that is taking a while to engage. I would like to try to replace the cone clutch with a decent used one or new one and see if it works before I send it in for a whole rebuild at Teague. Here is a pic of mine , you can see the wear.Everything else looks usable. I am...
  18. Outdrives
    (Fixed) Bravo XR drive gears and cone clutch that are slow to engage into forward I have a 28 foot eliminator with a single Teague 850 blower motor. My Teague Platinum bravo xr drive began taking a longer and longer amount of time to engage into forward. Eventually it does engage and does...
  19. Parts for Sale
    I am looking for a 14 disk lenco clutch for a flat bottom
  20. Parts for Sale
    Looking for a nice 15 disc Lenco clutch. Must be nearly perfect and preferably polished. Cash waiting for the right deal. Contact David, PM or 925 5nine5-4two44 before about 9p PST. Thanks.
1-20 of 51 Results