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  1. Political Rhetoric
    Too quiet here, so I'll stir the shit pot. President Trump and Melania were graciously invited to the George HW Bush service in DC. Trump conducted himself as a gentleman as did all present there. CNN's asshole opinionists ( they are not journalists), still invented a way to slam Trump. CNN...
  2. Political Rhetoric
    So 4 or 6 talking heads on cnn including Don Lemonhead said that when it comes to white supremacist it's OK for Antifa to physically attack them. Got to fight fire with fire and so forth. Welp there is a couple issues here. 1, the supremacist didn't attack anyone (all 20 of them). 2, Antifa went...
  3. Political Rhetoric
    ISIS 'more dangerous than people realize' - Tells it how it is.
  4. PB Open Water
    :hmmm: Sure looks as he was attacked,but why not surface earlier? They show him with a bloody nose and an injury to the back of his head.
  5. Political Rhetoric
    CNN Called out Obama on his plan for the future. They say it doesn't ad up. What happened to CNN? They must not have gotten their Obama money!!! CNN: Not Only Is Obama's Plan Old, but It Doesn't Add Up - Obama Campaign - Fox Nation
  6. Political Rhetoric
    Team Obama: Romney trip an ‘embarrassing disaster’ – CNN Political Ticker - Blogs
  7. Political Rhetoric
    I check CNN occassionally to see what the differences are in stories that are presented by the various media outlets. It's no surprise that what is seen on Fox is rarely observed on any other "news network". I was really surprised to see this article and what was even more surprising was how it...
  8. Cnn

    Political Rhetoric
    The latest News Site and Anchor to mess with Newt. Good Job:))THumbsUp
  9. Political Rhetoric
    Mitt Romney, Herman Cain tied nationally, CNN poll shows - Maggie Haberman - I just ponied up some more cha chang to the CAIN campaign fund!! If you haven't, please do if you can afford it! It takes two minutes and as little as $1 will help!! Cain in 2012...because seperation of...
  10. PB Open Water
    that Steve Jobs has past away at 56 years old. :(
  11. PB Open Water
    Brilliant choice of images to use for this breaking story :D
  12. PB Open Water
    Photochic just called to say CNN and other TV shows were reporting 3 more big cats were delivered to In-Sync Exotics where my sis works. All 3 were taken from another owner / location due to malnutrition and neglect. If anyone is able to financially help them feed and care for these cats please...
  13. Political Rhetoric
    So I caught a little CNN at the jym this morning. Wow!!... Didnt take long for the lib media to start questioning the stimulus package. They were going over one of the projects here in CA. It will create 60 part time jobs for 6 months... And cost roughly $90 million dollars. With 90 mil, I...
  14. PB Open Water
    On the news,, failed take off in NYC.
  15. Cnn

    Political Rhetoric
    CNN, is now defending the media & how the Republicans are unfairly attacking them. Amazing how the guilty is so quick to defend themselves.