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  1. Old Clear Coat

    Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    Hello PB, My mostly original '77 Sleekcraft Kaui had a coat of clear put over the gelcoat back in the day. From what I see the root beer metal flake and yellow gel are in really good shape under it all. Our short seasons and lack of sun are pretty kind to gel and 'glass up here. Not sure why...
  2. Gel coat stringers and floor

    User "How To" Section
    Need some help on how to finish the inside finish on my boat floors and stringers. Boat originally had carpet over everything and I recently redid the boat and would like to leave the stringer and floors exposed. Its a California performance boat and I think it would look nice finished that...
  3. Brand new black ceramic coat zoomies

    Parts for Sale
    I have for sale a brand new/never mounted/never run black ceramic coated zoomies built by Brooke from Rewarder (the daughter of the founder of Rewarder). These zoomies are perfect and were only test fit on the motor for pictures. I will ship them to your door anywhere in the continental US for...
  4. Put a coat on

    Political Rhetoric
    What's going on here I'm a guy that wears short pants 362 day a year. They signed in to law about clean air act around the world so get out your coats and wallets. I saw gore so happy he thinks he won the lottery. I hope the world start to freeze at his door step one step outside on his ass...
  5. Speed coat pump

    Jet Boats
    This question has probably been asked and answered 100 times on here but could not find any old threads... But is there benefits or down falls of speed coating the inside of my bowl and my impeller.?My intake and loader have already been done.
  6. HOW do i remove lettering without hurting my gel coat

    just wanna remove the lettering don't want to hurt my gel
  7. New Gel Coat Costs

    PB Open Water
    Whats it cost ( Ball Park) to re gel a 25' boat?
  8. Clear Coat Repair

    Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    Does anyone in the O.C. repair cracked clear coat? It's an 18' Miller. Just top and sides. Thx
  9. Clear Coat Repair

    PB Open Water
    Who in the O.C. can re-do a cracked clear coat on an 18' Miller? Just the top and sides.
  10. Removing paint from gel coat question...again

    Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    Ive been reading some of the other threads about removing paint from gel coat. Some of the results are incredible to say the least. So I started sanding with an orbital using 220. It looks like the 70's are back. Seems to be working good but I went through a pack of 4 pads just to do this small...
  11. gel coat floors , top coat ?

    Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    if the floors have been refinished in gel is it best to get the buffer and compound them and finish with polish or to top coat with prestec or duratec for a high gloss finish ?
  12. Reparing chipped powder coat

    Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    Does anyone have any ideas for repairing chipped powder coating on exhaust manifolds?
  13. Where to rechrome or coat headers

    Ok i have a set of BBC Bassett Water cooled headers on my boat and they have some rust developing towards the flanges nothing bad. I live in the Fresno area i called Caps to get them cerma chromed and they wont do them unless i get all the chrome stripped off. All the chrome shops local wont do...
  14. Gel coat not dring

    Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    Gel coat not drying I mixed and spryed some gel 50/50 with duratec used 3.5 tenths of a oz of hardner to 1 qt of matrial still dose not dust up when trying to dry sand its dry enough it dose not gum up the paper it water sands good Any help
  15. Cost of new paint/gel coat job

    Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    I want to do this sometime in the future since I've done everything else to restore this 1994 Lavey. I'm just over the mid 90's pin stripped getup... To repaint this boat or re-gel coat it(not sure the exact process) what am I looking at for a simple all white, keeping the black dash as it is...
  16. clear coat question

    Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    how long should it take for a 2 stage clear coat to cure????
  17. More about oxidized gel coat.

    Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    Put some serious time in on my cousins boat over the weekend. The red gel on the deck and swim platform are badly oxidized and faded. Used 1500 grit to wet sand. 3M marine rubbing compound. Then Finess it followed by 3M marine wax. All with an orbital polisher. We didn't get much improvement. It...
  18. [Question] Can anyone help with Gel coat colors?

    Jet Boats
    Needing to fix a few minor spots in my almost flawless gel coat on my 79' Witchcraft. The shop I was anticipating on doing the work is trying to track the colors down and hitting a few snags. Wondering if anyone has color charts from back then? I started to google it but there are so many...
  19. Gel Coat Recipe

    Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    Anyone have an outstanding epoxy gelcoat recipe?
  20. [Question] Wanted gel coat person or company

    Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    I have a 1985 19' open bow California Performance boat that I would like to re-gel coat. There are some minor fiberglass issues ( stress cracks at the rear of the boat) that would need to be completed ofcouse before re-gel coating the boat. Does anyone have any suggestions of a person that does...