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  1. Boaters Code is awesome

    Off the Water
    This past Friday evening I had the dreaded overheating issue with my truck (boat in tow) on the side of the 10 freeway (just east of Dillion rd). Within the 30 minutes I was pulled off the road, not one but two other "Boaters" pulled over to ask if I needed help. They didn't have to, but they...
  2. allens code??

    Is there any promo codes for v-drive guys from the bolt nazi???? thanks Wally
  3. United States Code

    Political Rhetoric
    Check out this code, type this into you search bar........ 42usc18115
  4. Why our tax code is a joke.

    Political Rhetoric
    So I withdrew from my 401k to be responsible and pay down some high interest debt. Because I did this, some of my write offs phase out. I now owe $700 federal $1600 state. I went ahead and pretended I didn't do this by deleting out the withdraw. In this case I would get back $400 feds and...
  5. 03 Chevy Duramax Code

    Tow Vehicles
    My wifes Duramax is throwing a code. P0380 GlowPlug/Heater CKT A Malfunction. Anyone. Thanks in advance:))THumbsUp
  6. Courthouse- Dress Code?

    PB Open Water
    I am in my normal work attire of 20 years which is a PB shirt and a pair of shorts. I have jury duty in an hour. Will they send me home??
  7. [SOLD] 1968 Mustang "S" code GT fastback

    Tow Vehicles, Cars and Parts
    [SOLD] 1968 Mustang "S" code GT fastback The real deal. 1968 GT fastback- 390GT .030 over 10:1 TRW forged pistons, Comp Cams 280H cam, billet rocker stands and ends, Holley Street Dominator intake, Proform converted Holley with primary dial-a-jet, Mallory Unilite, Hooker Super Comps, 2-1/2"...
  8. Cut spending from the Tax Code

    Political Rhetoric
    can someone explain to me what it means to cut about $1 trillion in spending from the Tax Code? What does the "Tax Code" spend money on? Pens, pencils, paper, paper clips, 18 - 12 gauge shotguns, agents.......don't know? Maybe he means he's going to change the Tax Code to collect more taxes.......
  9. CA DMV Vehicle code definitions

    PB Open Water
    I am trying to look up violation numbers on the DMV website and they do not all come up. An example is the code 132025 and it won't come back on their website. Why it appears on their driving record and I can't search it on the DMV web site is frustrating. Does any one have a good link to...
  10. Cole Code3 Boat History?

    I just purchased a Cole Flat, named Code3 and am looking for history/info on it. Was raced and it came from Tracy, CA going by the Title. Paint shows Sponsorships From Weavers, Vic Hubbard, S&S, and a few others. Does anyone have any info on this boat?
  11. This can't be true (military code book)

    Political Rhetoric
    I heard just a piece of this......Obama had made the military code book available for the world to see. WTF. So now the terrorist just have to read how easy we are on our prisoners, How we are not allowed to be rough on them, we cant hurt them, We cant make them uncomfortable. Know that...
  12. Malibu Strings Bikini Discount Code. 20% Off.

    PB Open Water
    I have had a few people asking about the 20% code. I had the LASVEGAS20 re-activated if you are interested. I know there are plenty of women on here that already that wear them! It is that time again for tiny bikinis on hot ladies!!!:D Just enter the code on checkout. Enjoy.
  13. Tacoma boys ever had cel code of PO171?

    PB Open Water
    Running my 2000 Taco I encountered an error code of PO171. I have since changed the plugs which by the way aren't cheap, They (The Plugs dual electrodes) run $13.45 a piece. Changed the plug wires, Cleaned the MAF sensor. Changed the fuel filter and it still has a rough idle. Checked for vacum...
  14. wiring color code

    Jet Boats
    i know its on here somewhere does anyone have the color code to wire a boat? cannot find the one i printed out:mad:
  15. Anyone heard about this? Area Code 809!

    PB Open Water
    I received this email this morning from a family member. Does anyone know anything about this? Would hate to get a phone bill like they describe and have to deal with a foreign company to resolve it. ABOUT AREA CODE >> >> We actually received a call last week from the 809 area code. The...
  16. Unleashed Discount Code

    PB Open Water
    Going to be placing an order through UNLEASHED and cant find the discount code any where? Anybody have it handy. Thanks
  17. Malibu Strings Bikini 20% discount code. Summer is Coming!

    PB Open Water
    I know many of the gals on here wear the best bikinis in the world, Malibu Strings. My wife (Daly) helps the owner with many of the West Coast promotions and wanted to give you folks a discount code to use. This code will get you 20% off of your order. The code is: LASVEGAS20 Just add...