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  1. Coke Can Hemi

    Off the Water
    This was made by an old somewhat eccentric old Australian man who used to collect cans, just thought it was cool and wanted to share.
  2. Larry Sinclair, Obama, Coke and a few other things

    Political Rhetoric
    So where was the Media over the Sinclair/Obama trist :no: Media Won't Ask Obama About Sex Issues | Western Karsten
  3. [SOLD] Westinghouse Coke Machine

    Other Stuff for Sale
    This one does not work. I talked to a company that restores these and they said in this condition they are worth $300 to $400. This is vintage prewar. I just don't have the time or room. Could still be used as a cooler with ice or be restored. $200, buyer pays shipping. Thanks
  4. Coke a Cola 600

    PB Open Water
    It looks like the Coke 600 has been postponed due to rain and will be run tomorrow at 12 EST......Oh boy, finally a Memorial Day race run on Memorial day again!!!!...I really miss the old days when the Indy was run on the holiday. It gave the day a purpose and something to look forward to.....So...
  5. 4 jack and coke's later... I have cut back...

    PB Open Water
    haven't been around much lately, just wanted to say... It tastes so good when it hits your lips! :)
  6. Who bruises there J.D. with mixers (including Coke)!!

    PB Open Water
    J.D. tastes so good straight!!!
  7. I just switched to Coke. So long, Mountain Dew.

    Political Rhetoric I kinda wondered what the new logo was all about, now I get it; change. I'll be changing the brand of soda I drink. This sh)t has gone too far. Homeless
  8. Coke Dealer

    Political Rhetoric
    Why is that no one of the left cares about B O admitting in his book that he dealt coke.? VOTE FOR B O THE WRIGHT KIND OF RACIST, COKE DEALING, TERRORIST LOVING SOCIALIST RACIST!;)
  9. Hey Barry-----got any coke???

    Political Rhetoric
    When Clinton said he smoked pot but didn't inhale the press couldn't stop talking about it, now Barack admits to using coke and NOBODY wants to talk about it. What's up with that!
  10. To those who smoke pot, snort coke or ingest meth

    PB Open Water
    How do you feel knowing you contributed to the death of U.S. Border Agent Luis Aguilar as well as many others. Even if you smoke/use casually, you help create a market for drugs that ultimately kills LE Officers and other innocent people. It is only going to get worse. It is time to take a...