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  1. Jet Boats
    just wanted to give a shout out to all my river brothers that I have meet up with on the river and the PB--SOCALJETBOATS.... you all are stand up dudes.. It is time for me to head back to my home waters in Indiana and make a living there it has been really hard for me in all kinds of ways...
  2. PB Open Water
    Just spent the day listening to Dave Grossman, the author of "On Killing" and other excellent books. His speaking ability was eclipsed only by his obvious experience and knowledge in the field of aggressiveness and violence. The main topic was lessons learned from Columbine, Jonebourough (AK)...
  3. PB Open Water
    This is a bit long but well worth the read. MUD ON SHEEP, WOLVES, AND SHEEPDOGS By Lt.Col. (ret.) Dave Grossman, Army Ranger, psychology professor, author of "On Killing" and "On Combat". "Honor never grows old, and honor rejoices the heart of age. It does so because honor is, finally...
1-3 of 6 Results