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  1. Ever Green College take over.... SMH

    Political Rhetoric
    Ah, such peaceful blacks the liberal Democrats have molded.... Slaves, all of them. :)
  2. Obama Wants to Make Community College Free for ‘Those Willing to Work for It’

    Political Rhetoric
    Looks like our taxes will be going up again. Obama Wants to Make Community College Free for ‘Those Willing to Work for It’ | KTLA Free education “for those willing to work for it.” That’s what President Obama said he would like to see in an announcement the White House posted to Facebook...
  3. CA College Students Sign Petition To Imprison/Kill Gun Owners

    Political Rhetoric
    Idiots.:no: College Students Sign Petition to Imprison All Registered Gun Owners! - YouTube
  4. Now a Aussie college student

    Political Rhetoric
    :)handSorry for the re-post
  5. College Football!!

    PB Open Water
    Moving forward finally.Getting rid of the disaster that is now in place.:))THumbsUp A four team playoff beginning in 2014!! It is about time!!
  6. Huge College Debt!!

    Political Rhetoric
    And now NO JOBS!! How did that vote for the ZERO work for you?
  7. A liberal is merely a communist with a college degree!

    Political Rhetoric
    A man who pretends he has faith of one sort or another to appeal to masses is a snake in the grass. At least other presidents just over promise and under deliver. This one is just a straight out liar, devious, ridiculous one. After seeing these captions of numerous admissions I am beyond...
  8. Here is a much needed college course....

    Political Rhetoric
    Hey Z, do you get a kickback if Ram takes this course?? If not, I think you better look into it, "they" are making money off of you!!!! College teaches students how to survive a zombie attack - msnNOW
  9. Kindergarten to College need your Votes! Pepsi Refresh Project

    PB Open Water
    Hey fellow boaters- My mom and a friend (both widow's) have created an idea and have submitted it to Pepsi as a Pepsi Refresh Project- we can use your votes. Your vote could help Widow's children win a Pepsi grant to fund their new school supplies. Pepsi created The Pepsi Refresh program that...
  10. Sending your kid to college

    PB Open Water
    I just became aware of something that pisses me off to no end. In California, if you are an illegal alien immigrant in the country illegally, violating federal law, you can attend one of our many fine colleges. This would include junior colleges along with Cal States and UC schools of higher...
  11. Since the college kids like bho so much

    Political Rhetoric
    Let's spread their grades around as well. I'd like to finish my degree at ASU. I can sit on my ass, show up late, get by on D's. The over achievers can give me some of their good grades and I'll get by with a C+ or B-. :)bulb Those grades were good enough for GW.
  12. College Student builds 1/2 size Panzer Tank

    PB Open Water sweet!