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  1. Another Repcon Recession is coming!

    Political Rhetoric
    I have to believe that somehow this is what you want....Another American economic collapse! I bet it's all OBama's fault, "Right"? You guys are the biggest buffoons in the world. You are just screaming "More sanctions, More Sanctions!" while American businesses are being hurt and farmers are...
  2. And . . . the hits just keep on coming

    Political Rhetoric
    It will be interesting to see if the pride of the liberals overshadows their patriotism where they don't jump for joy every time something great is announced for America like these stories but instead get out their microscopes in an effort to find something wrong with all this good news...
  3. need help with the second coming

    Jet Boats
    Hey guys, I am new to the forum, I have a 73 Kona jet that was my pride and joy about 15 years ago. I was given it back in 1994, my Dad was the original owner and I took it on until I had my first son in 2002. We ended up getting a family boat (wake boarding boat) and the old Kona got locked up...
  4. And The hits Just Keep Coming For California

    Political Rhetoric
    O'l Moonbeam just keeps beating on the law abiding citizens of California and bending over for criminals and illegals!!! I'm so glad I don't live there anymore!!! We had contemplated moving back to help out my wife's parents, but now we're trying to talk them into moving out here! Jerry Brown...
  5. Final Blow to Hillary Coming by tomorrow

    Political Rhetoric
    ‘Assange Steps Forward To Deliver Final Blow To The Clinton Campaign’ | SOTN: Alternative News & Commentary ‘Assange Steps Forward To Deliver Final Blow To The Clinton Campaign’ Posted on October 28, 2016 by State of the Nation Share BREAKING: ASSANGE LANDS...
  6. Empty truck coming back to Idaho from NC

    Mike Clay is hauling a boat to Paul F for me and has the ability to haul something back...
  7. Desert Storm-who's coming

    PB Open Water
    April 26-30 at lake havasu city,Az Spectre Powerboats has stepped up big time as title sponsor See who's coming and register at
  8. Black lives matter coming to a school near you

    Political Rhetoric
    Of course it's gonna be taught to the white kids only . Twisted around to make them feel sorry for what they are doing to the poor slaves ... New Black Lives Matter Textbook Is Aimed at 6th Grade Students | Fox News Insider
  9. And The Hits keep Coming

    Political Rhetoric
    Another notch in Trumps belt of "I told you so!". Illegal immigrant ordered freed by feds now suspected of murder in Ohio | Fox News
  10. Anyone have an open hitch coming to mid-west

    PB Open Water
    I'm looking to buy a boat in Fresno and checking to see if anyone out that way might have an open hitch to bring it to the St. Louis, Mo. area. Thanks
  11. Who's coming to Oscoda???

    Michigan Hot Boats
    Who's coming to Oscoda? It's usually a good showing of M.H.B. Wildfire is running and will be there along with Scott and Myself. We're looking forward to seeing a lot of you there. Chet
  12. Coming To A Neighborhood Near You

    Political Rhetoric
    UN hoping to bring in up to 65,000 refugees by the end of Obama's term. Congressman seeks to unlock secret refugee program
  13. Coming soon to a town near you ...

    Political Rhetoric
    Obama Unveils National ObamaLaw Plan | Wochit - Yahoo Screen And you Really Think he's just gonna step down at the end of his term :))ThumbsDwn
  14. Coming soon from the losers

    Political Rhetoric
    Senator Ted Cruz on why the government needs to keep their hands of the internet.
  15. Little JOCKO'S Sanger coming home!

    The old on fire gull-wing is been given a new life! Heading north on the 5 to drop off at Steve's house. He can now finally start a build thread. Papa Jocko
  16. Coming out???

    Political Rhetoric
    Looks like Wilson and Sherman of the Seahawks have finally come out and admitted where they stand??? I think it would've been better to come out as gay or Islamic terrorists. VIDEO: Many Fans Shocked as SeaHawks Superstar Comes Out of the Closet!
  17. coming soon

    Jet Boats
  18. 20' Rayson Craft GN coming up for sale...

    Just a quick post to let people know that I am going to put my Rayson Craft up for sale. I will be putting an ad and pictures up this weekend and also will have the boat here in Havasu at the Car/Boat Show tomorrow (Saturday) at Windsor site 4 off of London Bridge Road. Thanks, Steve
  19. Didn't see this coming

    GN7 On the Dyno
    One the smartest, talented, nicest person I have met and dealt with. I wish him all the best in his new endeavor. No doubt he will do just fine. mamomotorsports 100% free webcam site! | Awesome chicks and it is absolutely free! | Watch free live sex cam - easy as 1-2-3
  20. pay as you go road tax coming to CA

    Political Rhetoric