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  1. Looking for a Pro Mod or TAH with or without motor in it for TV commercial LA Area

    Looking for a Pro Mod or TAH with or without motor in for a national TV commercial shoot. Southern California only as shoot will be in Los Angeles. Boat must have to have ability to be craned. This is a paid gig. 1 day shoot, 1st week in March. Date to be finalized. Email...
  2. Banned Super Bowl Commercial

    PB Open Water
    Can't imagine why??? :grin:
  3. Touching and Powerfull commercial !

    Political Rhetoric
    Dont like poetry but This gave me chills !
  4. New Geico commercial with Christopher Columbus

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    Anybody see the new Geico commercial with the Santa Maria, Pinta and Nina? Where was this shot? Who played Columbus?
  5. GOP convention, commercial free on CSPAN

    Political Rhetoric
    J FYI, CSPAN is carrying the GOP convention commercial free..... Some really good music in between speakers.... Who can ID the band, or the players in the group, if it isn't a band?... ( a couple of them look familiar, but it may have been a Geritol commercial where I saw them) Not sure if there...
  6. 40' Offshore boat for National TV commercial needed in Louisiana area

    PB Open Water
    We are looking for a 40'+ offshore boat to rent for a national television commercial in the Los Angeles area next week. Ideally the boat would have at least 50% of the paint work or gel be RED. Contact the office at 702 313-1400 or email [email protected] for more information. A rental fee...
  7. Repowering a commercial fishing boat with outboards, advice needed!

    I commercial fish in AK each summer and am looking at buying a 32' x 12' fiberglass bowpicker (cabin aft, workdeck/net reel forward, about 8-10k empty I'd guess). Power from the builder (late 1970's model) is twin diesel Volvo 41A's (200hp) with Borg Warner 1.5:1 gears and Sternpower outdrives...
  8. Which Boat Is In This TV Commercial?

    PB Open Water
    You've probably seen the shortened version of the very funny Acura NSX auto commercial featuring Jerry Seinfeld. Even if you have seen it, check out the extended version below. At approximately 1:06, Jerry tries to bribe a guy with a new boat. Which manufacturer lent Acura the boat for the...
  9. What boat was that on the Jerry Seinfeld commercial during the 3rd quarter in SB

    PB Open Water
    It looked like either a Hallett or Nordic? Who knows? Give me some answers please. I love Seinfeld.
  10. Cummins Onan Commercial Generator Commercial QD 8000 - $3200

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    Model Ratings Models Fan Hz Watts Voltage Amps PF Phase Circuit Breaker 8 HDKAU/41934 Internal 60 8000 120 66.6 1.0 1 (1) 2 pole 35 A this unit has a very low 373...
  11. Funny Commercial

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    This will get you pumped for the day. Cheetos Commercial - "Party" - YouTube
  12. Dorrito's Super Bowl commercial

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    Mark Andrews, a friend of ours who is also the Producer/Director of a movie called “Seal Team Six”, has put together a commercial on “Doritos” chips and entered it into “Crash the Superbowl” commercial entry contest. The film-makers are judged on overall appeal ...... and comments will make...
  13. First NFL commercial with a GB Packer

    PB Open Water
    After the Pack beat my Steelers in the Super Bowl, I wondered who would be the next Troy Polamalu. I just saw the first commercial featuring the green and yellow in a Dick's Sporting Goods commercial with Clay Mathews. Glad the season is going to start and I have the NFL package on Directv for...
  14. Commercial Display Refrigerator

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    True Manufacturing GDM-33 Commercial Display Refrigerator with sliding doors. Like new $1850 OBO located in Costa Mesa. PM me if interested.
  15. Lake Powell Commercial shoot June 8-10th

    PB Open Water
    Is anyone going to be on Lake Powell during this time. I've been talking with an advertising company that is going to be shooting footage up on Lake Powell and is looking for a performance type boat to shoot from the air in the commercial. Fuel, insurance and other costs will be compensated...
  16. Commercial A/C guys

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    We are looking at replacing (2) 5 ton units at our building in Brea. Anybody in the business? :)hand
  17. commercial ice machines

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    Thinking about installing an ice machine at the havi place, anybody done this and if so what are do's and don'ts. just lookin for some info and also a machine if it all works out. thanks
  18. Any commercial phone guys?

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    Are there any commercial phone equipment installers on the boards? My regular guy of 14 yrs has dissapeared.
  19. Commercial Door People...

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    Anyone here on the boards do commercial doors? I need a replacement quote for medium style glass door in aluminum finish for a property I manage for my family in La Verne. The door size is about 3.5' x 7'.
  20. Any Commercial Pilots?

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    I've long wanted to become a pilot. It's a childhood dream and I've got an appointment with a local flight school on Weds to get started with my training. I'm curious though.. Flight training is really expensive. Commercial is estimated to cost around $40K. Thats a large amount of money...