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  1. V-drive compared to a jet drive

    Looking for input on the differences in the driving feel between a v-drive and a jet drive in the same hull. I currently have a jet Sanger mini cruiser. This boat looks good, is fun to drive, reasonable fast (mid 60's) and runs loose on the water, but it is not the best boat for skiing...
  2. [Question] V-Drive compared to Jets

    This has been discussed some before, but I can't find where. Can anyone shed some light on a comparison of Jet, both winger and tunnel, vs. flat vs. runner vs. hydro and how much power it would take for each to run a 8 second, 9 second, 10 second and 11 second ¼ mile. Since there are many...
  3. Are you boating more or less this year compared to years past

    PB Open Water
    I have been to several waterways this year including Havasu, off the Atlantic and on the river up by Laughlin and cant help notice the mass number of boats out there. Anyone else think your local watering hole busier than normal this year or is it just me?
  4. Av-gas compared to race fuel

    Has anybody here ever run a comparison at the races to see what the difference is between av-gas (100LL) and something like a Sonoco or VP 110? The reason I ask is I'm trying to catch a race in a couple weeks and the race fuel around here is double what the av-gas is. I've run both in the past...
  5. Rear Leafs Compared To Lift Blocks

    Tow Vehicles
    What are the pro's and cons of the two. Thinking about ditching the lift blocks for a new set of Deaver Leaf springs. Already running air bags if it makes a difference
  6. Damn, boating is a cheap hobby compared to....

    PB Open Water
    ...going to the Bare Pool lounge!!! Daly's sister is in town, so we went to the Bare pool with her, her husband and two of our friends. 3 hot girls and us three ugly guys. I don't think I have ever spent as much on the lake unless I broke somthing as I did at the Bare pool. We literally...