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  1. Eng. Parts Corky Bell Turbo Components

    Parts for Sale
    Turbo components from Corky Bell turbo kit. $1,200
  2. Eng. Parts Aero Space Components vaccum pump

    Parts for Sale
    Aero Space Components vaccum pump Sold aero space vaccum pump and pulley barely used in excellent condition these cost around $600 asking 315.00 + shipping located in Lake Havsu Az. Sold !
  3. Wtb aerospace components vaccume pump

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    Farmer John stole mine ;)
  4. WTB or Trade Jet Coupler Components

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    I Just installed a new motor in my jet boat and had a problem with the coupler. The old motor had a flywheel and now I have a flex plate. The piece that bolts to the crank for the flex plate has a diagnal span of 3.75" but both my couplers are 3.125" which fit the piece for the flywheel. I'm...
  5. Reloading components

    PB Open Water
    Anyone have any LARGE RIFLE PRIMERS ??? I need a few boxes for hunting rifle. Must be NON MAGNUM primers. Thanks, Rick
  6. BBC manifolds and MSD components

    Parts for Sale
    BBC Victor 454-TD tall deck manifold with injector bungs. $ 165.00 BBC Torker 2-O $ 75.00 MSD pro billet distributor with slip collar. $ 165.00 SOLD Has new gear and extra pickup. New bronze gear $ 40.00 MSD 6AL $ 140.00 SOLD Bullet solid roller cam # 301-306 -10R dur @ .050 in 267 ex...
  7. Fuel system components for sale

    Parts for Sale
    For sale-Very nice fuel tank selector valve. There are some blemishes on the solenoid covers but you wont notice them unless you get up close & personal. Unit worked fine when I removed it. My tank pickups are too small so I need to pull from both at one time to get proper fuel...