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  1. Congratulations California

    Political Rhetoric
    Your governor just signed a bill showing what complete morons the California State lawmakers are. California regulates cow farts | New York Post
  2. Congratulations *****

    Jet Boats
    :partyguy: Congratulations Mark Yunker - Great weekend 4 Heats 4 wins and Nationals Champion
  3. Congratulations...

    Jet Boats Tom Bandy, Jack Mclure, and Dave Ebbert. CJ 123, "Ballin Jack", for sweeping all four CJ heats in Burley this weekend, and taking home the Governors Cup for resetting the class record. great job guys... also, congrats to heath hiebert for taking the Faulkner award...
  4. [Announcment] Congratulations Flatbottom Kevin

    Flatbottom Kevin, or as we call him around home, Kevin. Has just become a first time Grandfather. His new Grandson, a happy, healthy, boy. Welcome to the family. Congrats to you and your lovely wife and congrats to the father, Will and his lady, the mother of the new addition. :partyguy...
  5. Congratulations To Heath and Crew GN 369

    Congratulations on your win in the GN 20 lapper. You and your crew are animals. It was funny, I was talking to Bob Graff when you came by on the way to the trailer after the win and I asked Bob "When are you going to race again" Bob said as your boat went idiling by " Why would I want to race...
  6. Congratulations To Team GN-24

    Great job guys, everything came together for an impressive win!!!! Congratulations:))THumbsUp:))THumbsUp
  7. Congratulations California! You've finally achieved total liberalism.

    Political Rhetoric
    If a boy thinks he feels like a girl, he can now choose to shower with girls. Yep! It's law. Thank a liberal since not a single republican cast a yea vote on this disaster. Boys to Shower with Girls in California Public Schools
  8. Congratulations- United Socialist States of America

    Political Rhetoric
    congrats to all the labor union workers,immigrants, gays,blacks,welfare collectors and liberal pukes socialism has run rampant.... I am disgusted with my country
  9. Congratulations Moyle Motorsports on the CJ kilo record

    Jet Boats
    Great job mark upping your previous record from 95.7-98.7 mph it was a blast up there hanging with you guys in the beautiful,windy, rainy, cloudy, cold, rainy, windy, rainy coast haha
  10. Congratulations

    Oklahoma Hot Boats
    Jeff and Jen on a fine baby girl :)hammersDamn son, you blew the balls off another one. you need to slow down a bit:D Now how about some pics of this future hot boater.
  11. Congratulations Cole Thurston TAF winner!

    Congratulations Cole on your first win in TAF! There were some heavy hitters there this weekend, nice to see you and your Magnum hull in the winners circle!
  12. Congratulations JDCowboys

    For those of you that have not heard yet our resident nutcase JDCowboys is a proud papa again. They had a beautiful baby girl today. 9lbs 8oz 20in. Another hotboater in the family! Now where's my damn cigar? lol. Congrats bro!
  13. Congratulations boat 175

    Jet Boats
    Congratulations to boat boat 175 for the win in S/E. First time drag boat racing for the boat, driver and crew. Special thanks to boat 905 for the help and friendship and to Jeff; the the guy that kept the whole thing moving forward round after round!!! Hopefully our photo guy will post some...
  14. Congratulations to P-9 Crackerbox Team

    I know that Scott Schatz may not be regarded as the most popular guy on these boards by some..:D But Hats off to him and the rest of the Miss Suncoast Crew for setting a new record!!:)devil I guess they have one more opportunity today to up the record if they can pull off a decent start...:)bulb
  15. Congratulations Real K boat King

    Just wanted to congratulate the King on the 2011 Irvine K boat Challenge!! Awesome job Gordy!! Way to make it look easy!!
  16. Congratulations VMJTC3

    PB Open Water
    on the arrival of grandson John the 5th this morning :D
  17. Congratulations Jimmy Carter

    Political Rhetoric
    You are no longer the worst President in History. Heard it on Hannity and had to repeat it.I remember the Carter years and they were pathetic,but this is beyond description:)sphss
  18. Congratulations Andy01... new pappa Monday night.

    PB Open Water
    10:32pm Monday night Andy and his lovely wife Cristina gave birth to little Ashley Ann. 6 pounds ?? oz's and 18" long. CONGRATULATIONS guys.... now you need a baby lifeline jacket :)
  19. Congratulations To G T Performance

    PB Open Water
    Great job by Gary Teague and his crew for rigging and powering up the fabulous 33 Eliminator for owner Greg Olsen. It turned a 174 on radar and 180 on GPS so the speed looks firm. Over all the boys from GT Performance had 10 boats at Desert Storm for the Poker Run, kilo and just plain...
  20. Congratulations is in order!

    PB Open Water
    Congratulations to Carey (Slowinhavasu) for passing his contractor license exam!!! He will soon be changing his name to Notsoslowinhavasu :)