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  1. Political Rhetoric
    Coincidence or conspiracy? Prominent Rifle Manufacturer John Noveske Killed In Mysterious Car Crash Days After Posting Psych Drug Link To School Shooters - : :hmmm:
  2. Political Rhetoric
    This was penned by Ann Barnhardt and you'll have to choose for yourself whether or not to believe the contents. The Execution Of SEAL Team Six
  3. Political Rhetoric
    If a radical group closely associated with the president of the United States and known for its efforts to undermine American democracy were convicted in a massive voter fraud conspiracy you’d expect to hear something about it from the mainstream media, wouldn’t you? Wrong. They are instead...
  4. PB Open Water
    This guy I work with believes in every conspiracy theory out there. He thinks we've never been to the moon, the C.I.A. killed J.F.K. George Bush was in on 9/11 and anything else you can think of. I think he goes home and wears a tin foil hat. Well he has now started rationing food and fresh...