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  1. Sanger Construction

    Posed this in the Fiberglass and paint section originally, thought it might get more visibility here from the ones that know. Thanks! I'm about to tear into a restoration of a 73 Sanger flatbottom and I had a question on typical original construction. Were the floors laid in first and then...
  2. Sanger Original Construction

    Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    I'm about to tear into a restoration of a 73 Sanger flatbottom and I had a question on typical original construction. Were the floors laid in first and then the stringers laid on top of the floors and the whole thing glassed, or were the stringers laid in first, glassed in, and then the floor...
  3. Dyno room construction

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Starting on the dyno room. I am frickin tired of working on the shop. I'd prefer to go back to drinking every night. BUT, that doesn't accomplish anything. So.... most rooms have the cold air (fresh air) come in right above the engine. I guess that makes sense.... if only running carb...
  4. Topock construction

    PB Open Water
    On our trip upriver today, we glanced over at the location of the former favorite boating destination, Topock Marina. They were working away on it, welding steel framework, had some concrete poured, and it was looking much better than I'd seen in a long time. There were at least two locations...
  5. Directions to completely avoid construction coming into Oscoda

    Michigan Hot Boats
    FROM THE SOUTH - Go thru AuSable and avoid town all together. Turn left on Smith St. just south of the AuSable River bridge on US23. Take Smith till it curves around into Third St. Take Third to the stop sign @ Old US23, go straight onto Old 23. Hang a left @ Mill St. This will bring you up...
  6. Bridge and Road construction in Oscoda

    Michigan Hot Boats
    Lynn, HST4ME, maybe you can let us all know what we need to know to avoid the Bridge and Road construction thats going on in Oscoda. Is there any way you could run a map or onfo on any detours for getting out to the pond? Thanks. Chet
  7. Construction in Vegas picking up a little

    PB Open Water
    Driving home last night I noticed two new homes being built in our area of Vegas. It's the first residential construction I have noticed being built since 2007. Hope this is a continual sign of positive growth. Has anyone else noticed this in their neck of the woods?
  8. New construction in Havasu

    PB Open Water
    I count 6 new homes being built on the south side in the last month or so ....That's more than i have seen since i moved here in 09. Could this be the beginning of the end of the crappy economy or is it limited to just this area. Even the refurbished dump across the street sold pretty quick, i...
  9. Ripleys 13000 SF construction Project Baltimore

    East Coast - North
    I need prices on all aspects of this ripleys project. Flooring, Drywal, steel stud framing, A/V, Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical, Railings, Glass and storefront, concrete, Painting, Wall paper, Signage, Large format printing, Demo, Etc. If you don'r see your trade on the list or on the plans, e-mail...
  10. Construction in baltimore MD

    PB Open Water
    I thought I would give you guys a shot at this job if you have family or friends or are in the baltimore area and in the constructiion industry, We have a job that is starting mid feb and will run until mid to late may with opportunity to fo to ocean city to do a rehab there. I need prices by...
  11. I Need a Construction Loan for Lake Havasu

    PB Open Water
    Anybody have any reccomendations? Thanks
  12. Hey construction gurus! Garage question

    PB Open Water
    I have a 3-car garage (2 doors) and need the 1-car portion opened up... Right now it's barely fitting a standard width trailer (1" on each side!) and I’d like all the height I can get now that I’m shopping for something bigger. I know I'm opening a can of worms with the load-bearing wall...
  13. I-40 Bridge construction, lane closure

    PB Open Water
  14. Need a good construction guy...

    PB Open Water
    For a room addition in Havasu. Called the original builder of our home and all I get is I'll call you tomorrow, meet you at the house on your next trip out, sorry I forgot to call u back. Is construction biz in Havasu that good?? Fock me! I need to remodel a kitchen island as well.
  15. equipment operators\ construction

    PB Open Water
    Ive been thinking about doing this quite a bit lately. I dont have any work experience but have a very strong mechanical backround and have some seat time with our personal equipment. Does anyone know or how where\who I can get my foot in the door with? In the San Diego area. Im a hard worker...
  16. Lake Ming Construction Update

    Jet Boats
    Went out to Ming today to see what it looks like. As you can see in the photos, it's not quite done, probably the better part of 2 months left to completion. I spoke with the framers doing the new bathrooms and looked at his plans. Next week or so they will build coffer dams across the small...
  17. construction contractor question

    PB Open Water
    So, I am having house built in Havasu. Early stage of the build of the contractor tells me about this big ass retaining wall that will be needed. There is already $4000 set aside in the loan that he can pull on a soft draw to put towards the wall which he advises me will cost $9000 total. It is...
  18. Arizonia Construction Company With "A" License

    PB Open Water
    Anyone know of a company that has an "A" license that may be willing to JV?
  19. Havasu wall construction hook up

    PB Open Water
    I was wondering if anyone has a reference or hook up for an individual or business to give me an estimate for a retaining wall? I am having a new house built and after grading it looks like a 70' long by 6' high retaining wall will be needed on one side of the house. The builders sub gave me an...
  20. Don't give the jobs to white construction workers...

    Political Rhetoric
    Don't give the jobs to white construction workers... « on: Today at 01:52:46 PM » Quote WTF