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  1. olsen oil coolers bbc

    Parts for Sale
    I have 3 dan olsen oil coolers #201 bbc mark 4 block mount coolers 2 will need a o-ring kit one is ok,drilled for extra water 225.00 EACH plus the ride tim 540.871.4833 no text or e-mail please
  2. OIL Coolers

    Parts for Sale
    Have 4 of these 1 has power steering cooler also.150.00 each shipped nice shape not from blown up motor's.Fit 1 1/4" standard intake hose.
  3. Fuel or fluid coolers

    Parts for Sale
    $75 each OBO. SAN BERNARDINO or Orange Co. [email protected]
  4. American Outdoor Coolers

    Jet Boats
    Having trouble with my A O cooler leaking and not keeping drinks cold I personaly have been using this brand of cooler for about 20 years now with great luck Well looking at my older bag cooler states rite on the tag (MADE IN THE USA) well guess what people looked at the newer carbon...
  5. Ski Locker Coolers

    Parts for Sale
    I have two brand new ski locker coolers by Floating Design. These install in your ski locker and convert it into a sealed ice chest. They are removable once installed. $100.00 for new
  6. tranny coolers

    Here's the question! I have a turbo 400 in a big block chevy v-drive day cruiser. It is set up with a tranny cooler that only runs water through the cooler when the boat is moving through the water. When the boat is setting still at idol running the engine will the tranny build up enough heat to...
  7. [SOLD] 2-velvet drives complete unitsfresh water coolers all $1500

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  8. EMI oil coolers, chrome!

    Parts for Sale
    I have two of these coolers for sale. Freshwater, low hours, no engine meltdowns. I converted to bellhousing coolers. Ran these on 461CI with B&M blowers at 7psi. Oil temp never got hot even at WOT for miles. Cool looking coolers. They have some scratches, mainly from the brackets. Might polish...
  9. Teague oild coolers

    Parts for Sale
    Have a couple of teague oil coolers for sale. One chrome one black. Chrome one is fresh and was sealed when chromed so no crap got in it. Both are 18" long about 4" diameter, these are for higher hp engines, both in excellent shape, black one has brackets chrome one does not 450.00 each plus...
  10. [SOLD] (2) dan olsen block mount oil coolers

    Parts for Sale
    I have 2 dan olsen block mount oil coolers with fittings. one polished and one non polished. Nothing wrong with either but the polished one could use a quick touch up on the shine. 275 for non polished 300 for polished OBO plus shipping
  11. Who has a hookup on AO coolers

    PB Open Water
    I need the large silver carbon one. Looking for boat show, last hour of the weekend blowout pricing. ;) Thanks.
  12. Soft-Sided coolers with embroidery.....

    PB Open Water
    I'm looking for the best cooler that will also do the embroidery of a company logo. Its my Dad's birthday and I wanted to get him a nice cooler with his company logo. Any recommendations?
  13. Be careful on your coolers!!

    PB Open Water Man Gets DWI After Riding Motorized Cooler 'Cruzin Cooler' Can Go Up To 13 MPH POSTED: 12:47 pm EDT June 10, 2008 UPDATED: 9:57 pm EDT June 10, 2008 One New York man's Memorial Day fun ended when police pulled him over while he was...
  14. Cactus Coolers!!!!!

    PB Open Water
    I normally drink shots of Jack which I had quite a few of, then everyone else kept ordering cactus coolers so agsinst my better judgement I succumbed to the peer pressusre and drank 10 or 11 of the damn things. The vodka gives a different buzz!!!! Now from all of the rock star in them I'm...
  15. Soft Coolers?

    PB Open Water
    I know there are a ton of people out there using them. Where can I pick up a good one at a decent price? Maybe one that doesn't leak? Thanks for the input in advance.
  16. New Coolers for LA Boat Show

    PB Open Water
    Just when you thought you had all our coolers. Come by the American Outdoors booth at the LA Boat show and check out our NEW Carbon coolers that will match your Carbon seats! They came out really nice, better then I thought. Come by and check 'em out or come by just to say HI. Brian