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  1. V-Drives
    Yes I already know this not the for sale section but I thought I might get more response here! I need a stock 990 head core. I need to match a 990 head that is already opened to a 230-192 valve combo but anything will get this engine back in the boat! I do however need one that has not been...
  2. V-Drives
    I have a 17 foot v-drive that has delaminated floors due to leaking fuel tanks. I have used a plunge blade to cut out the passager side of the floor including the glass over the stinger. I was expecting to find the stringer completely rotted out but it is solid. There is some staining but I'm...
  3. GN7 On the Dyno
    Who builds cupronickel intercooler core ? Need one that is a odd size
  4. Parts for Sale
    Blower shop intercooler core dyno time only 750.00 Thanks Dave
  5. Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    hello, I have a 84 TX20 that the deck has delaminated from it's 1" foam core, I'm in the process of removing the cap. I have never seen anything like this before. the boat is a light lay up and don't mind if it gains some weight. I have thought about a few ribs and pour foam with the cap off and...
  6. GN7 On the Dyno
    what do you guys recommend for cleaning the cores to insure all the debris is removed after an engine failure? I have some ideas about making up a air/agitation type cleaner apparatus either using the cooler body or something larger to promote more fluid/agitation/flow etc. Radiator shop? other...
  7. Parts for Sale
    12* Casale split case core V-drive SOLD 12* that went through a Garage fire, I have disassembled it and the insides look good. it has a some cosmetic damage on the front case, (see picture). It will need a good cleaning, bearings and a mid-plate. I will include a new set of gaskets, it comes...
  8. Jet Boats
    My jet boat provided many years of great service, but I could tell the boat was not as stiff as she should be. Now was the time to replace the stringers. But, in pulling up the floor, the inner hull laminate felt like the core was rotten, so I cut a hole to see how rotten. Found what looks...
  9. Parts for Sale
    I have a TCM Superchiller intercooler core for sale in great condition. This was purchased as a back up core when my original core got a leak and was then pulled back out when the original core was repaired. This core has about 30 hours of run time on it. Recently pressure checked with zero...
  10. Parts for Sale
    WTB Berkeley E or Dominator 12TD Suction housing or pump core, happy to take care of frieght Tell me what you got 844 816 1845 toll free
  11. Parts for Sale
    Lee turbo intercooler that mounts on top of edelbrock victor ram tunnel intake for bbc. $950 obo b and m bbc tall deck intake for the b and m blower or could be used for turbo . $185 318-687-9088 or 318-470-1482
  12. Parts for Sale
    This Turbo 400 trans came from a shop that was closing it's doors, no one seemed to know the story on it so can only assume it is a core, rather than ready to run. I don't see any flaws in the case, probably a good candidate for a polished boat trans build. $150
  13. Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    I noticed something strange (to me) last night. I'm working on my 86 Daytona flatbottom. And while washing off the dust I saw a strange looking core material down in the glass. Its in the deck and down the top sides of the hull. What is it, some kind of foam ? Just curious what it is. Its...
  14. Jet Boats
    After my disaster a couple years ago, I am finally to the point where I can shop for a new motor. Got a line on a D3VE core nearby. Seller tells me it was running when removed from the boat, they just switched to BBC. Asking price is $450. No doubt it will have to be rebuilt. Sound reasonable...
  15. Parts for Sale
    SOLD!!! Taylor 8mm Spiral core wires cut for BBC SOLD!!!!!!! SOLD!!!!!!! SOLD!!!!!!! SOLD!!!!!!! SOLD!!!!!!! have a set of basically brand new wires that are Taylor brand with Straight boots on them..they are the 8mm Spiral Core wire and sell for 60 bucks new but you have to put them together...
  16. Parts for Sale
    have 454 chevy with big oval port heads .040 bore engine had water in it good core for rebuild 150.00 glendora ph 213 248 1589
  17. Parts for Sale
    found a rust hole thru one of the exhaust ports. These are square ports off a gen 6 . Thanks I'm in the so cal area 562 307 5578
1-17 of 34 Results