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  1. where in corona/norco TRAILER HITCH EXT MADE ??? HELP

    NEVERMIND....was gonna have a 8ft or so ext to slide in my reciever on my truck..... WELDING SHOP I WENT TO SAID IT WOULD B TO MUCH STRESS..break the hitch off my truck... SO HE WILL PUT A EXTENSION ON MY TRAILER A 2 ND HITCH I CAN PULL OUT FOR COUPLE HUNDY + MATERIAL BOAT DOESNT HAVE TO COME...
  2. Motorcycle Ride / Fundraiser in Corona/NORCO area - 3/29/09

    PB Open Water
    I posted this ride last year, and am doing so again to help get the word out. This is for a 7yo little girl with Mitochondrial disease...... MOTORS For MITO II / MARCH 29th 2009 / MARCH 29th 2009... mark the date for Taryns Hope 4 Life fundraiser, it will be another motorcycle ride...