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  1. [SOLD] 1964 Correct Craft

    Boats for Sale
    1964 Correct Craft Atom skier $6000 obo All original, great condition Fresh rebuild carburetor This boat lived most of its life in Tahoe now it lives in San Jose Trade offers always considered Call Adam for more details (714) two 64-64 two 9:partyguy:
  2. Correct way to set timing on EFI 454

    Bob Teague
    Need help with timing procedure. 1994 Big Block chevy 454 efi with a MEFI 1 computer. Motor idles great and pulls hard to 3500 rpm which is about 3/4 throttle but then falls on its face. Sounds and feels like its being retarded automatically...rpms drop. If you let off slightly the power returns...
  3. choosing the correct cam

    GN7 On the Dyno
    We have a 523 with a 1271 and enderle injection, set-up to run on race gas. My brother is in the process of putting the blower and injection on a different motor, so we're left with a long block and some other parts we've collected over the years. Our goal is to put something together for our...
  4. looking correct sanger emlbem for a 1970 flattie

    Just about finished with my sons 70 sanger flat and was debating on putting the emblem back on the dash,anyone have the correct one for sale? thanks,chris
  5. What is correct oil /gas ratio?

    Outboard Church
    Why is their a difference of opinion on 2 cycle mix ratio? I'm new to outboards,454 for many years,allways on Havasu.Bought a 1997 Stoker with a 2.5 efi Merc.Thru several guys recomendation here i was able to have the engine rebuilt completely.The guy did a awesome job. For break-in the mix is...
  6. Perfect "Period Correct" Addition...

    Call me a vintage nut, but I thought this old Stearns Advertising Ice Chest made from Life Vest material would look bitchin' in an old flatty...I bet a sixer of Olympia's would fit nicely in it!!:wink2...
  7. Cantard or Canatard? Which is Correct?

    PB Open Water
    TB, please advise the correct usage/spelling of the term...........................................
  8. Correct Prop

    Probably not the best forum for this question since not really a performance boat but I am am new to OBs, not new here. I just got a Zodiac F470 with a Evinrude commercial 55 hp motor, wondering if anyone has thoughts on the best prop for all around use. We tow the little ones on knee boards...
  9. Chrome oil cooler myth or correct

    GN7 On the Dyno
    I am going to purchase a new oil coller for a 650hp to 700hp whipple charged engine. I have looked at the hardin marine 3" units with the power steering included and the Eddie marine unit that is the same but chrome. Hardin Marine claims that a chrome cooler does not work as well. What do you...
  10. Politically correct?

    Political Rhetoric
    so, since Christmas is right around the corner, are you going to say Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas? it'll be Merry Christmas from me from here on out. The reason I thought of this is I just said Happy Holidays to someone and thought no, no,'s Christmas time.
  11. I Believe The Correct Term?

    PB Open Water
    Is Femine Hygiene,anyway caught up on most things today and a couple of Bud`s called and wanted to go for a couple of Bud`s so ended up at BJ`s in LHC any of you who have ever been there you may agree almost a Funny Farm a mix of everything.They have the big outside smoking deal I was for inside...
  12. This is not good correct?

    Political Rhetoric
    Iran, Russia, Qatar move on gas cartel Russians, Qataris and Iranians met in Teheran on Tuesday to discuss setting up a natural gas cartel, similar to the oil-based Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). The notion of a gas cartel was brought up in January 2007 by Iran's...