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  1. Parts for sale + shipping cost on all parts

    Parts for Sale
    Dyno time only Blower shop intercooler + blower belt $1500.00 CMI big tube headers / tailpipes / Gatlin mufflers & transom rings. $5500.00 New 12" black anodized sea strainer $375.00 Used Mater Lube motor pre luber $325.00 New Autolite racing spark plugs AR-3933 & AR-3932 set of 8 $25.00
  2. Parts for sale + shipping cost on all parts.

    Parts for Sale
    Will sell complete 1471 blower set up from intake to flame arrestor + 3 extra pulleys off motor pictured in add $8500.00 Plus selling other marine parts off motor. Having issue typing add.
  3. At what cost, you ask? Ask United Health Care in California . . .

    Political Rhetoric
    This complete joke of a healthcare law has failed in every possible way and now it's collapsing providers. UnitedHealth to exit California's Obamacare market - May. 31, 2016
  4. Caliber 1 can b bought in stages 1/2 cost

    Boats for Sale
    Friend asked me to post for him......... I know nothing on these types of boat......... Heres the link i set up on c/l 25 ft CALIBER ONE NEW OR BY STAGES
  5. What's the cost of Obamacare and Illegals free mecical, you ask?

    Political Rhetoric
    Obamacare, coupled with manditory care for illegal immigrants has a cost that can't be ignored. It's already happened here, in Phoenix, at John C. Lincoln North Mountain where the entire labor and delivery floor where my wife worked for thirty years was closed. You can't pay your bills when the...
  6. Cost of new paint/gel coat job

    Paint and Fiberglass Repair
    I want to do this sometime in the future since I've done everything else to restore this 1994 Lavey. I'm just over the mid 90's pin stripped getup... To repaint this boat or re-gel coat it(not sure the exact process) what am I looking at for a simple all white, keeping the black dash as it is...
  7. Democrats: At what cost to Americans you ask???

    Political Rhetoric
    Democrat leadership is very - very costly America. Let's review: "Obamacare" * At an overall cost of over $2 Trillion, according to the CBO's own numbers will devastate the American economy. * The taxes imposed could decimate what remains of our workforce despite promises to reduce both...
  8. Marine exhaust:power vs reliability vs cost

    GN7 On the Dyno
    All, I am looking for any and every opinion/information regarding marine exhaust. I am installing an as of right now stock ls 5.3 gm truck engine. I am doing everything I can not to put cast iron jacketed manifolds. I all most bought injected thru transom but I'm not sure if the exhaust valves...
  9. what does new interior cost ?

    Jet Boats
    Im looking at boats and trying to figure out what new interior would cost on an open bow .im looking for ball park on new wood frame and full upholstry and and then ball park on just upholstry.
  10. How much does an inept leader cost, you ask???

    Political Rhetoric
    Here it is in hard dollars. Liberals unite in praise and worship while future generations drown in rising debt. Obama Regs To Cost More Than $130 Billion : Personal Liberty Digest
  11. Average Cost To Anodize A Cav Plate

    What's the going rate to have the cav plate anodized on a Sanger flat? My moms fiancée is in the midst of swapping out his NA 396 for a blown 468 and I'd like to re-anodize the faded cav plate as a gift while the boat is non-op. I'm in Nor Cal.
  12. How much did that cost us?

    Political Rhetoric
    To fly the family victims of Sandy Hook to DC to try and persuade congress into passing the new "gun bill"? What if POTUS with an R behind his name did this to try and pass a bill? Sandy Hook families on Air Force One: why it matters - Damn gun grabbing democrats (and RHINOs)...
  13. One more time - tell us how much it will cost please?

    Political Rhetoric
    According to their own numbers, the truth is now being published. $20K the cheapest health care coverage under KenyanKare. Thank a liberal! p.s. Remember, not a single republican voted for this legislation! NOT ONE! IRS: Cheapest Obamacare Plan Will Be $20,000 Per Family | CNS News
  14. High cost of medical insurance

    PB Open Water
    I think i figured out part of it. My 93 year old mother tipped over last sunday...Gone 20 mine to store..get home she is on the floor....It happens..rarely gets hurt.I get behind her and pick her up under arms like a forklift and sit her in a chair...This time she is stuck in a corner..i call...
  15. What's it gonna cost me?

    PB Open Water
    I'm tired of paying Arizona's outrageous non resident fee for my boat registration. Who knows how much it's going to cost me to get it switched over to Califoria and what hoops am in going to have to jump through (I.e. what documents are required and are they going to try and make me pay any...
  16. So what would be the cost of having a new hull laid up

    Jet Boats
    So I have Been searching and really not much info out there on what new hulls are costing these days. particularly intrested in the new Rouse gullwing or a CP 18,19 or a 19 tunnel. Just wondering what a rough ball park figure, for a bare hull,with the intake set and a trailer, might be. What is...
  17. V-Drive Rigging Cost

    Anyone know what the approximate parts and labor cost would be to rig the V-drive drive system on a new bare hull (less engine), including Casale V-drive, prop shaft, 3-blade prop, coupling, shaft log, rudder, drive shaft, guard, whirlaway, etc.? Michael
  18. Cost to splash a hull?

    Jet Boats
    How much would it cost to splash a hull? Time, materials, labor? I have an idea for a deep freeboard jetboat based on an existing hull but would like to use the deck design from a different boat. Only way I can get what i want is to make my own custom deal... just wondering what level of effort...
  19. cost of new mec 1350 and #8 drive

    PB Open Water
    Just curios what is the cost for a new mercury 1350 and #8 drive package. Thanks!
  20. What does it cost to run 9.0 seconds in the quarter mile in a jet boat?

    Jet Boats
    how much to build a boat from scratch that will do it at any lake in any weather condition? what hull would you use? what brand of engine? Would you use a power adder or not? Same questions as above...but this time lets talk about an 8 second boat. and for the record, i've owned my boat for...