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  1. Count down clock question

    What is the time between each number on the countdown clock for the sanctioned dragboat races? Is it 1/2 second or something else?
  2. Head Count Needed for GN7 Celebration of Life

    I'll post a thread here, RDP. HB, V-drives and Ron Hill's site. Please post up with the total number of folks in your party and do so at one site only. Afternoon of Jannuary 31st, 2015 at 8812 Nogal Ave Whittier, CA 90606 CampbellCarl - 2
  3. K-boat count for Parker

    So far: K-711 K-66 K-955 K-124 K-24 K-69 :))THumbsUp:))THumbsUp:))THumbsUp am I missing anybody?
  4. boat count Wildhorse Pass

    Races and Boating Events
    obviously don't know final registration numbers but word out is preregistration for the four pro classes are 6 tfh's,6 tah's, 5 taf's, 13 pm's.
  5. K-BOAT count for Parker ?

    K-711 K-999 K-124 K-24 K-69-??? (If anyone can get it together, they can :yes:) K-??? (can't remeber your boat number Brent :duh:)
  6. Boat Count For Puddingstone & Pre-Registration Recommended

    OK, Who's planning on attending? I will update this post as racers reply to this thread... UPDATED 11:27AM 2-21-2014 KRR K-999 K-66 K-69 K-24 K-711 Pro-Stock PS-929 PS-367 PS-640 PS-757 PS-1 Superstock SS-80 SS-96 SS-1 Grand National GN-24 GN-22 GN-44 GN-50 GN-369 GN-790 GN-99 GN-145...
  7. [Question] Puddingstone 2014 Boat Count...

    Jet Boats
    Just putting out the feelers for Comp Jet Class interest in running at Puddingstone, tentetively set for MARCH 7th thru 9th 2014 with Friday being a Test and Tune day in the afternoon. All other classes who participated in the 2012 event, also please post up if you too plan on attending. THANK...
  8. [Question] Puddingstone 2014 Boat Count...

    Just putting out the feelers for mainly flatbottom and GN Class interest in running at Puddingstone, tentatively set for MARCH 7th thru 9th 2014 with Friday being a Test and Tune day in the afternoon. All other classes who participated in the 2012 event, also please post up if you too plan on...
  9. does this count

    Political Rhetoric
    i think i am helping to much already
  10. GN Boat count for Thanksgiving

    Grand National Racing Assoc - GNRA
    Just curious who is planning on making the Thanksgiving races. Thanks, Lock
  11. K-Boat count for Long Beach

    Seems like there should be a good K-Boat showing for Long Beach just wanted to see who is running for sure since Ross's thread kinda got butchered :))THumbsUp:))THumbsUp K-034 is in for sure :cool:
  12. Boat count May 4-5???

    Arizona Dragboat Association - ADBA
    Boat count May 4-6??? What's the boat count gonna be? Hopefully a bit better than last race.
  13. K-boat count for Parker

    How many K's are running at blue water this weekend?
  14. Frosty Head Count...

    OK, let's see if we can get a head count started. Are you coming to the Frosty tentatively or for sure? Will you be participating in the "Battle of the beers" (BOB) as a taster? Will you be bringing a sampling of beers? There will be a prize for the person with the best sampling as judged...
  15. Wamplers lake- Officail count

    Michigan Hot Boats
    I believe this was one of the best meets we've had in a long time.I counted 52 boats and I may have missed one or two. Five states were represented.Michigan,Ohio,Indiana,Illinois and Kentucky. One foreign country also,Canada. The weather was unusually warm which allowed everyone to enjoy the day...

    I was talking to Brian Wier and Charlie will bring his K Boat to Long Beach if we can get enough boats together. Let me know if you can run.
  17. Fundraiser count

    Political Rhetoric
    Just saw an interesting comparison on FOX. (Fair and balanced) At this point in their first terms, Bush had held 3 fundraisers for re-election. O is on number 30. (I believe that is how they reported it, I missed the first few seconds) Hmmm. What does all this mean?
  18. [Announcment] Dig head count please

    WFL Crew
    Please post in this Area if you are coming.i am trying to get a semi accurate head count. i need to know this for the Feed and to have a idea of how large or small the bunch will be. Please keep this on topic and post if you are coming only. leave the discussion to the area we have already...
  19. UPLAND MAYOR 11 count Indictment

    Political Rhetoric
    Wasn't there someone on here always bragging about him and what an HONEST CIVIL SERVANT he was?????
  20. posting head count for pedro

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    who's in for sure !!!!!NO WAFFELING!!!!TUNNEL T