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    Looking for a cradle for a Berkeley
  2. Parts for Sale
    I have a Bowl cradle and ride plate for a JC. The ride plate is 20x8" and the cradle is the cast one from HTP Performance. I paid about 150 shipped for the cradle. Ill sell both for 75 Note, the bolt holes for the ride plate are not countersunk nicely, i did the best i could with a bigger...
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    EDIT...Thanks everybody for the replies but I decided against it for now...:) WTB Shoe, ride plate, cradle for Berkeley intake. If I cannot afford to get ride plate and cradle I'll take just a shoe. Let me know what you have. Thank you.
  4. Parts for Sale
    Looking for a tall ride plate cradle, 2 7/8" or there abouts. Please pm if you have one laying around. Thanks.
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    1.5* backcut shoe. Pattern is drilled based on american turbine drawing. THe extra part of the boat intake was removed from is free;)
  6. Parts for Sale
    Anyone have a pump cradle for a ride plate? It's one of the last pieces to finish my puzzle. Thanks, Greg
  7. Parts for Sale
    Looking to buy a bowl cradle, for a ride plate!!! What ya got?
  8. Parts for Sale
    $250 for both obo plus shipping. One of the bolt holes for the cradle looks like it needs to go up a size to 3/8, threads are a little munched. Definitely savable. Not sure of what brand the bowl is, possibly AT. Here are some pics: Please PM if interested or call 949-838-5303
1-8 of 8 Results