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  1. More IRS crap

    Political Rhetoric
    Who are those IT amateurs? "Although i made multiple attempts each time i ran the test it would freeze and fail to complete" Sounds like he pushed the power button a few times and gave up. I guess they never heard of putting the drive in another computer and booting it as D: The second...
  2. more pics of crap for sale-

    Parts for Sale
    shreveport, louisiana 318-687-9088 3180470-1482 prices in previous thread
  3. !!!! Im BACK with more CRAP for sale-- lots of good stuff here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Parts for Sale
    barry grant 400 with regulator- `$300 new scat small block rods- $175 new eagle small block rods- $175 pair of older 9377-1150- dominator -500 pair of 6214 dominator carbs-$400 pair of L-7320-1150- dominator carbs-400 dart big chief 18degree heads- worked by sonny's- with t and d...
  4. lolyfe turns 50 today... holy crap

    Tim turns 50 today and I told him no one over 50 that is cool owns or drives a jet boat... so he has some stuff for sales now... He asked me if he could get a senior discount now and I say no but he wont look so foolish buying his Viagra.... :p Happy Birthday old man.. welcome to the 50s just...
  5. Anyone Listen to Crap Monkey's Speach Today?

    Political Rhetoric
    Anyone Listen to Crap Monkey's Speech Today? F'ing lying POS. I was at lunch with one of my employees at the local truck stop. O was spewing lies... I was making fun of him and my employee was cracking up. :D Surprised I could watch that kenyan bastard speak and eat lunch. The fried chicken...
  6. Brown gelatin crap in fuel filter???

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Posting this question for my buddy, he took his hydro out yesterday and said it didn't run so good. He normally runs the boat to 6500 and shuts it down but said all he could get was 5700. He said it was popping while cruising around 3500. Motor is a 12:5 1 468 bbc two 750 holleys, new...
  7. 454 block,oil cooler, BBC crap

    Parts for Sale
    BLOCK IS SOLD universal oil cooler. sorta like a dan olson stringer mount (not sure what make) $250 dual oil filter relocation mount with lines and block adapter $50 M/T valve covers with fresh bead blast $50 Edelbrock oval port intake for BBC $50 (I think its the first style performer) parts...
  8. Paint booth and lotsa tools and crap

    Other Stuff for Sale
  9. Holy crap i need to vent

    PB Open Water
    My boss asks me TODAY if I have to leave on Tuesday NEXT WEEK, for the finals. I explain to him the situation and he is all like, it's not about your time off its that we miss you and really don't wanna do your work for you while your gone.
  10. Crap Weasels!!

    Political Rhetoric
    I'm usin it.:happy: Michelle Malkin: "This Administration Has Been Malicious & Reckless With the Truth!" - Sean Hannity - YouTube
  11. You Can't Make This Crap Up!

    Political Rhetoric
    The Congressional Black Caucus is just now saying that they were offended by Allen West because 6 months ago he ordered chick-fil-a for a meeting, calling it an in your face purchase! I'll assume they weren't too offended and that they actually ate on the day of the meeting. Allen West...
  12. Trade my parts for zoomies & wing old crap ok

    Parts for Sale
    Ol water inj w/silencers zoomies wanted old school & old drag wing ill trade any my parts listed or cash nothng fancy
  13. Holy crap!

    Jet Boats
    Man I just refound this hows has everyone been? Olrigger??? ProMod??? Hammerdown??? Florida saltwater has got in my head ad Ive been lost for a few years. Im back. Looking at a Youngblood Pickle.
  14. Other Jet boat crap for sale.

    Parts for Sale
    I have had all this crap laying around so, its time for you to have it lay around your house. 1) NEW throttle cables (19ft) #1 and #2 have the same numbers on the cable one box has this info on it and one box is "plain" they are both new. How about $30 each
  15. Sticking lifters/noise black crap in oil?

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Guys, what could black, sooty-like particles be in engine oil in a BBC? Could it be black moly assembly lube that has stayed in the engine through several oil changes? The crud does not seem to be magnetic and I cannot 'feel' it between my fingers. I have a plugged oil bypass and have used K&N...
  16. Give Jerk more crap:

    Here, did you see this link? Ok, take your best shot GN7, but ya cant argue with this incredible race site up in Gods' Country! And the Welcome Wagon has been instructed to...
  17. I really do hope this crap turns around sooner than later

    Political Rhetoric
    Sad state of business, a company that we have delt with for several years and that has been family owned and run for 65 years just announced that it is closing its doors at the end of this week. I dont know the details but they probably overleveraged themselves when times were good and now even...
  18. Michael Vick is STILL a piece of crap!

    PB Open Water
    And any team that hires him is just as bad!
  19. MLM crap!!!!

    PB Open Water
    So I get invited to a "dinner" party at a frined's house. As I drive up, I don't recognize any cars. And none of them are worth over $15K. Hmmmm. You know it, it's an ACN meeting. Fock!!! You hear the whole story about how people are raking in $30K per month etc. etc. OK, for $30 K per...
  20. holy crap!!!!

    PB Open Water
    i just checked the weather in havi. tomorrows gonna be 119 i dont remember heat like that for a couple of years. thats friggen HOT:)sphss is it monsoony out there????