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  1. Crashed boats at camp far west

    Found some boat wreckage at camp far west in the dry cove. Does anybody recognize these boats. The first picture looks to be the side of a very light boat and the second picture is the right upper corner of a transom.
  2. They Crashed The Twin Turbo Camaro

    GN7 On the Dyno
    At the Texas mile. Incredible. 2,800-hp Camaro wrecked at 220 mph during Texas Mile speed run | Motoramic - Yahoo! Autos
  3. crashed my boat..... looking for new hull

    Jet Boats
    I crashed my boat last weekend, and put a rather large hole in the side of it. It started to sink, but we got it towed in before it went down. All of the electronics and the engine survived, but the hull is trash. I am looking for a new hull, probably a tunnel of some kind. I dont need any...
  4. Man Charged With Drunk Driving After He Crashed His Motorized Bar Stool

    PB Open Water
    whooopps!!!! :)grn
  5. US Airways CRASHED

    PB Open Water
    into the Hudson River!
  6. crashed impeller

    PB Open Water
  7. Almost crashed this morning!!

    PB Open Water
    Was on my way to work this morning. Went through a small river flowing across the street, up the hill and hit black ice. I was heading sideways towards a 40ft plus drop off and luckily at the last second my truck bit and gave me back the control. It was a good way to get the blood pumping.:)devil