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  1. [Video] Crazy Boats, anyone know what they are?

    Anybody have any infomation about these boats? Australian i think
  2. Crazy unknown motor mount- Help!

    Hello all, i'm working on a nostalgia 1960 Biesemeyer Caribbean and found a broken motor mount. The motor is a Pontiac 389. The mount is a steel pin pressed into an aluminum plate. Has anyone seen these before? Is this custom made? Scratching my head trying to figure out which direction to...
  3. I'm all for Trump but this is crazy $hit

    Political Rhetoric
    Easy on the eyes but seems to be bat $hit crazy !!
  4. This is great.......The hot crazy matrix

    What every man needs to know about women.
  5. Captain crazy BAH?

    Does anybody remember a Sanger drag hydro named captain crazy? I don't know the drivers name but I do know it ran in the BAH class, I think in the mid 70s. Our neighbor in Parker says he has the Sanger hydro that was captain crazy,that's been in storage for 20 years and has a Hemi still in and...
  6. Sidewinder crazy clean

    Boats for Sale
    Very clean sidewinder with berkeley pump. Tandem trailer with new tires. interior is practically new. This is a solid boat seats 6 comfortably. Makes for a nice little setup if you want to go fast with the family. no engine, or I have a bbc or 2 laying around if you want it running. 1500 obo
  7. Coyote 36 rebuild or Damn bro you crazy

    PB Open Water
    Given that the weather is too cold to do glass work :bangmyhead: and I want to go to the Miami boat show before I start making my interior and seating. I spent some quality time making the rebuild site better. I have broken the pics apart and I will continue to add sections as I move forward on...
  8. Crazy Lefties

    Political Rhetoric
    And they say the righties are crazed gun wielding idiots? What? :duh: Woman of privilege and beau charged with having bomb material in Greenwich Village apartment -
  9. Crazy Deer Footage

    PB Open Water
    Check this crazy shit out: Up Close & Personal – A Crazy Colorado Buck Attacks
  10. middle aged crazy

    anybody seen this boat around? my grandfathers old hondo t deck named middle aged crazy... still have the 88 chevy dually at home with the matching paint
  11. "Crazy" Charlie Johnson UGH info?

    Does anyone have any info or maybe even contact info for "Crazy" Charlie Johnson? He drove an UGH (Hondo XH-1 I think) out of Dallas in the late 80's-early 90's. He had 3 boats in 3 different classes and drove them all. He crashed the XH-1 in 92-93ish. I believe he owned a crane company called...
  12. Crazy Russian's

    PB Open Water
  13. This is CrAZy!

    Political Rhetoric
    A CBS affiliate in Arizona accidentally runs a khyron dated November 6th, declaring Obama the winner more than two weeks before the election. WTH? Disturbing: CBS Affiliate Accidentally Runs Khyron Dated Nov 6 Declaring Obama Winner Of 2012 Election 43/40, With 40,237,966 Votes To 38,116,216...
  14. crazy high sped pursuit

    PB Open Water
    Live ch9
  15. Obsession, Addiction, or just plain crazy?

    Jet Boats
    Just for shits and giggles, how many boats do you own? Is owning more than two boats an obsession, an addiction or is it just crazy? For a while I have had two boats, a cruiser and a river jet, but recently I have found My self owning four boats and contemplateing having a new hull laid up. Man...
  16. Crazy Liberal Gun Laws

    Political Rhetoric
    New Hampshire Man Arrested For Firing Gun Into Ground While Catching Suspected Burglar | Fox News We don't roll like that in the Deep South, thank God! :thumb:
  17. This is crazy !

    Political Rhetoric
    Three Australian Prisoners Now Detained on a Japanese Whaler in Australian Waters Sea Shepherd I sure hope our country does not ever allow this to happen. And maybe should do something to help out ? Sea Shepherd :: The Bullshit Politics of Betrayal
  18. Crazy tunnel view at 170 mph

    PB Open Water
    I thought it might be interesting for you to see, when we test the X Power Drives we rig almost every boat with the drives with video cameras all over to help us understand and maximize each and every boat. This is a Spectre 32 and you can see it had a porpoise from 85 to 95 and we suspected it...
  19. Another Crazy Question: User Manuals & Owners Manuals

    PB Open Water
    Ok..just another crazy question from a beginner on a low budget. I was wondering if there was any way to secure original or copies of service manuals/owner manuals for my 1988 Scarab KV38. I've looked on the internet and even tried to contact luck as of yet. I would like to...
  20. The beeping is making me, CRAZY!!!

    I have a 2004 26ft Katchina, the depth finder beeps no matter how deep the wtr is. Please help. Domination Nick.