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  1. A criminal on TV C-SPAN right now...

    Political Rhetoric
    I cant believe my eyes... Charles Rangel is on TV right now... THe CRIMINAL!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))ThumbsDwn:))ThumbsDwn:))ThumbsDwn
  2. The Face of a Criminal

    PB Open Water
    This one has me beat. The stuff this one comes up with will put me in Loonyville:wink2: 3 days worth: 1. Ate my sprinkler system. 2. Caused problems at the neighbor, he took 3 shots at her, almost hit me at 4 in the morning. 3. Stole 2 shoes, 1 DSTV remote. 4. Sets of my Pick-up's alarm to...
  3. 2cellos "smooth criminal"

    PB Open Water
    Pretty awsome tallent. ‪2CELLOS (Sulic & Hauser) - Smooth Criminal‬‏ - YouTube
  4. Criminal

    Political Rhetoric
    Rep. Rangel: Dems Didn’t Pass Budget In 2010 Because ‘It Was A Hot Potato’ by Frances Martel | 9:09 pm, April 7th, 2011 Mediaite Excerpt: With the government on the verge of shutting down, many are wondering how the nation will run if Congress refuses to compromise on the budget. For Bill...
  5. Help save Tony the Tiger

    Political Rhetoric
  6. Brilliant minds of the criminal

    PB Open Water
    The Arizona Republic Pair take car, but leave big clue behind Two suspected armed robbers were arrested Thursday after police said the pair stole a vehicle from a Gilbert car dealership during a test drive. Brandon Olajuwon Lewis Coleman, 22, of Mesa, and Dwight Leon Boochie, 21, of Phoenix...