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  1. EU. Crisis ? and Globalism

    Political Rhetoric
    I watch European news almost daily. I learn things about Europe that is ignored by the MSM and progressive globalists. Many EU countries, that include, Poland, Albania, Hungary, Spain, Greece, and more, now Italy is fighting the EU about Muslim refugees, euro currency, culture loss, economic...
  2. Missing During Any Crisis

    Political Rhetoric
  3. Will Benghazi Be Obama's Iran Hostage Crisis?

    Political Rhetoric
    Obama went on Jon Stewart and said that what happened in Benghazi was not "optimal". Communication wasn't the best and they'll "fix" it. Documents have just been release showing that Ambassador Stevens had requested more security on numerous times that they were extremely fearful of an attack...
  4. Frank Dodd - A way to make a new housing crisis

    Political Rhetoric
    The American Spectator : And You Thought the Housing Crisis Was Over! So if it happens again because of the government taking over credit agencies and pandoring to minorities, will it be the banks fault again?
  5. The housing crisis, explained...

    Political Rhetoric
    The housing "crisis" explained . No "snooped', me real here. I remember 9/11 well. I was up early, planning to do a little before market open, buy a stock. Then saw live the whole thing unfold. So lets cut to the chase, what followed. Think .."pump the economy", free money. That was all...
  6. Bill Clinton=Mortgage crisis.... even smart democrats agree...

    Political Rhetoric that is an oxymoron if I've ever heard one!! Or is it? Here's a little history lesson for all the dumbfuck democrats here at PB!! Don't worry about responding to me. I've already blocked all of you blithering Obama idiots already. Hah!!!! Bill Clinton's Role in...
  7. Maxi & Mid Life Crisis, Burley triumphs - A Movie

    Maximus and Steve relax at the plush Burley Inn Tennis Club to discuss their achievements at the recent 2009 Idaho Regatta at Burley.
  8. oil filter crisis

    Jet Boats wondering if anyone can help me here i recently recieved a 20ft crusader with a 454 berkley set up .. the problem here is the previous owner tried to remove the oil filter and damaged it so bad that it is stuck up inside where the threads are. With the lack of room in that area can...
  9. Short Sales: Banks Blocking Way Out Of Foreclosure Crisis

    PB Open Water Brett Ellis, a real estate agent in Fort Myers, Fla., was thrilled when he got an offer for a property in Bell Tower Park in May 2008. "It was a gorgeous property on the corner lot," Ellis told the Huffington...
  10. Mexico in crisis?

    Political Rhetoric
    What's your take on this? I've been seeing more and more media coverage on this thing that rates Mexico and Pakistan as the US's biggest potential problems... Not that I did anyway but I won't be visiting Mexico. If Mexico's government is overthrown by drug cartels and organized crime I see...
  11. I Guess I've Hit My Midlife Crisis...

    PB Open Water
    I bought a Vette. I guess I'll have to dig out my Members Only jacket out and buy some gold chains.
  12. Biden Guarantees International Crisis!!

    Political Rhetoric
    Joe Biden said on Sunday that if Obama is elected there will be a international crises guaranteed in the first six months in power!! It seems every time Biden opens his mouth it destroys Obama, aren't they supposed to be on the same ticket?:D
  13. Burning Down The House: What Caused Our Economic Crisis?

    Political Rhetoric
  14. States now in credit crisis!!!

    PB Open Water
    Schwarzenegger to U.S.: State may need $7-billion loan In a letter obtained by The Times, the governor warns that tight credit has dried up funds California routinely relies on and it may have to seek emergency aid within weeks. By Marc Lifsher and Evan Halper, Los Angeles Times Staff...
  15. Doing anything different since the recent financial crisis?

    PB Open Water
    I've held my positions but I am thinking about putting some hard cash in the safe deposit box and maybe some gold. I was just at B of A and the Manager said people are withdrawling chunks in $20's for mattress cash.
  16. How the Democrats Created the Financial Crisis

    Political Rhetoric
    The story below is making the rounds today. George Will also wrote a column about the their politicizing. There is plenty of blame to go around. Bush didn't cause the mess, but he didn't do a whole lot to stop it. Bush probably was not anxious to slow the economy down. If Bush gets the blame in...
  17. Mid life crisis ?

    PB Open Water
    when can you tell if you are having a mid life crisis? I'm really trying to figure this one out lately seeing how at the young age of 36 Im going back to school full time this fall to get my degree in Architecture. Infact many of you that call Ultra have already noticed I'm not around most...
  18. LHC - No wonder budget crisis...

    PB Open Water
    THEY like all of us love toys !!! ( moto bikes, trucks, boats, etc...) LHCFD unveil new rig By Tony Raap Tuesday, January 22, 2008 10:16 PM MST The Lake Havasu City Fire Department raised the curtain Tuesday on a new $525,000 fire truck that will be used for emergency rescues like those...