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  1. V-Drives
    Anyone see a seat cushion purple in color? Dave (Hydro Dave) lost it when he got a little loose.
  2. PB Open Water
    I had to make a turn around trip to the river today. I saw this boat cushion on the side of Rice Road this morning. When I returned this afternoon, the cushion was still there. I stopped and picked it I thought I would try and find the rightful owner here on the boards. If you think...
  3. PB Open Water
    Boatcop doesn't count!!! He has a throwable big orange donut anyway!!! I've been on the water for my whole life and I have never ever seen one of these "throwable" cushions used in saving a life. I have however, seen them used for random sexual positions in the boat though!!! If your lady is...
  4. PB Open Water
    On sunday Morning My brother found an all white boat cushion it looks like the bottom cushion for half the rear bench but. it is not damaged if any body lost it just PM me. thanks. If nobody responds I am going to use it for my dog's house it is a perfect fit !!!!!
1-4 of 4 Results