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  1. So, the Trump Tax Cuts are a WIN-WIN for just about everyone - including AMERICA!!!

    Political Rhetoric
    My son Buzzz, works in the corporate offices of the UHaul Corporation. He got, and shared with us, an e-mail from Joe Shoen - the Top Dog of the company, about the Trump Tax Plan. The savings to the company are vast and they are re-investing millions back into the company in many ways. They...
  2. Obama to give up 5% of salary in wake of 'sequester' cuts

    Political Rhetoric
    Remember how the press went all ugly over Romney never taking a dollar of pay for his public service? Those same weasels are hailing the Kenyan for giving back 5% of his salary as some sort of cut-back. These same members of the press also didn't mention that his daughter just spent more money...
  3. Budget cuts...

    Political Rhetoric
    SO, is anyone here aware of ANY federal budget cuts that are being proposed by either Congress/Senate OR the sitting USERPER??? :54: I wonder what OlameO is keeping busy with over the last several weeks since he "fixed" the fiscal cliff situation... hil:) Below is a White House-provided...
  4. It cuts both ways...

    Political Rhetoric
    I guess if you whack jobs want to give credit to Oblaimo for taking out Gadaffi/BinLaden AND some pirates half a world away, are you also going to put THIS one on him? " ENER1 The parent company of an electric car battery maker that received more than $100 million in government funding from...
  5. S&P Cuts US Credit Rating For First Time In Modern History

    Political Rhetoric
    More wall street falderal. Business News & Financial News - The Wall Street Journal - I have several thoughts about this. 1. Serves us right for not having our shit together fiscally. 2. Fuck S&P this is going to cost us a bunch of money. 3. S&P ??!? didnt they give a bunch of...
  6. Happy 10th Birthday, Bush Tax Cuts!

    Political Rhetoric
    Bush tax cuts 10th anniversary: They've been a failure in every conceivable way. - By Annie Lowrey - Slate Magazine Good article, but here are the low-lights. "So, to recap: The Bush tax cuts were followed by low GDP growth, negative median wage growth, and little job growth. Even before the...
  7. Stereo cuts out when i hit the gas

    when i am idling or the motor is off the stereo works fine. but when i hit the gas it cut out. any ideas on what would cause this?
  8. CA Cuts Child Credits - the hits just keep coming..

    PB Open Water
    California parents beware: Those little tax deductions running around the house are now worth less (in a strictly financial sense, of course). SOURCE : SF CHRONICLE To help balance its budget, California has reduced the state tax credit for dependents. The change will increase a family's...
  9. No Beni Cuts Here

    Political Rhetoric
    Gov Arnold promised today that there is no way he will cut benefits, welfare or medical care for illegals. He would even release prisioners, furlough more police and firemen and lay off teachers first. WTF are those guys up in Sacramento doing?
  10. Cali cuts

    Political Rhetoric
    Can some one tell me how in hell Aronld can cut wellfare/parks & rec/and other programs,and not one thing said from the media and lib groups about cutting 13.5 billion on Illegals a year.These people are going to let Americans take a cut but do nothing about Illegals stealing form us.Have they...
  11. Obama's budget cuts explained.

    Political Rhetoric
  12. Defense Cuts

    Political Rhetoric
    Here we go. This administration has no problem giving away a couple trillion bucks to bailout thieves and those who do not deserve but certainly isn't going to keep our military strong for a fraction of that amount. Here we go with the cuts in all the wrong places. These guys just don't...
  13. Despite huge federal spending increase; Veterans Administration told to make cuts.

    Political Rhetoric
    And they are starting out fast. At least one popular program at our campus has already been cut....
  14. San Berno Sheriffs Dept Budget Cuts

    PB Open Water
    News is saying the Police Helicopter is going to be 110% Ax'ed & High Desert Boat Patrols, personel & inventory are under microscope as very next to go..
  15. Obama has change of heart about Bush tax cuts as polls favor McCain

    Political Rhetoric Democrat presidential candidate Barack Obama had a change of heart yesterday about one of his major campaign issues; the Bush Tax Cuts. The Associated Press quotes Obama as now saying that “he would delay rescinding President Bush's tax cuts on wealthy...
  16. Engine cuts out under load what's your guess?

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Ok... Let's do a little diagnostic test. 07 Howard Sportdeck with a 600sci. Last weekend we took the boat out and when the boat was under load and going over 4500 rpm the engine cut out intermittently. An alarm also sounded giving a three beeps then repeated. One time it cut out when I was...