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  1. An observation of this election cycle.....please read

    Political Rhetoric
    While Doc is a bit more "enthusiastic" than others, I don't understand some of you. Plenty of people "here" who support themselves, either through their own business, or otherwise gainfully employed in the private "performance" driven sector, and are not otherwise on the public dole one way or...
  2. WalMart Doesnt Sell Pennzoil Semi Syn 2 Cycle Anymore?

    PB Open Water
    I went to three diff WMs and none of them had it.:|errI went to the Anaheim, Buena Park and Brea stores.Has anyone in OC bought it there recently?Please dont tell me to call the stores.Ive tried that and almost stroked out at the frustration.
  3. Batteries? Deep cycle or ? mini batteries? dual?

    Jet Boats
    My biggest issue, is where I want to put a battery or 2 (at the back of my outside sponsons) I only have 10"x8.25", I know I can buy a smaller battery than the one I have, but what about a battery box for a smaller battery? Also if I go to a 2 bat. set up, do I need an isolator, or should I just...
  4. 2008 Xtreme Cycle Design-Custom Pro Street **59,980**

    Other Stuff for Sale
    2008 Xtreme Cycle Design-Custom Pro Street **49,000** 2008 Xtreme Cycle Design-Custom Pro Street Paint: Kolor me Kustom by Dick Vale (last bike to be painted by the famous painter) Engine: 2008 Patrick Racing 113 cubic inch, EVO Round Barrel, Billet Aluminum, Show Polish Transmission...
  5. Cycle World International Motorcycle Show

    PB Open Water
    Who is going???
  6. custom cycle ness frame 80"h.d.

    Other Stuff for Sale
    akron alum.wheels pm brakes,dual disc front,180 rear,chrome and polished alum.all over.less than 3000.00 miles.check my meamber's gallery for more pic,s..p.m. me with any ?.s$12,500.00obo.let's talk !:)devil
  7. Motor cycle cops in Havasu now....

    PB Open Water
    I talked to a motor cop today and he said they've been on bikes for the last couple of weeks now, so keep your eye out for them !!
  8. Campground cycle wanted

    Other Stuff for Sale
    Want to buy small, 50cc/125cc, campground legal, 4 stroke cycle. Fat tires would be cool, but not required.....250lb capicity, electric start perfered........What have you got???.......Ray.....805 300 0012..........