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  1. Car Czar

    Political Rhetoric
    Guy is stepping down. Good possibility its due to legal problems that where squashed during his appointment to Car Czar. Copy and paste below.....typical behavior from a Democrat. Meanwhile, it may well be that Rattner has some legal problems to tend to. His firm, Quadrangle Group, is...
  2. Pay Czar?

    Political Rhetoric
    So it looks like we have a pay czar much for Obama not wanting to control wages
  3. Do We Need Czar's

    Political Rhetoric
    Washington is filled with diplomats; Department Heads, Secretary of this or that, Chief of something, Director of who cares, various Leaders, Chairmen of nothings, Administrators of unknowns, Admirals and Generals and all with full staffs and maybe a limo here and there and an Air Force jet...
  4. Al Gore clean air czar?

    Political Rhetoric
    Suggested that Barack is proposing Gore for a new position, enviro- watchdog. Isn,t Gore on the list as one of the most wasteful of utilities in the US? Change? I can hardly wait!