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  1. [Event] Hardy Dam hotboat Roll call!

    Michigan Hot Boats
    Who's going to show up?
  2. Dam run with campbell carl is this weekend

    PB Open Water
    Anyone here going???
  3. Hot Boat weekend Hardy Dam

    Michigan Hot Boats
    Who is coming for hot boat weekend on hardy?
  4. Rock dam being built across False River

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    It's official, there will be a rock dam "salinity barrier" installed across West False River starting this month. It will be removed Nov 1 (it'll be seasonal, like the gates at Walnut Grove), and officials say it is to stop saltwater intrusion into the lower Delta - due to the sever drought. So...
  5. Hardy dam

    Michigan Hot Boats
    Hot boat weekend is month away who's ready let's start the sandbar trash talk who's racing who?
  6. Why I skipped Hardy for Oscoda

    Michigan Hot Boats
    Hopefully these images aren't cropped off your screens too much...
  7. Dam to Dam run in Mid October

    PB Open Water
    Does anyone know if it is possible to do the Davis to Hoover Dam run in Mid October? Will the water level be high enough? Also, I'm assuming gas is available at both Cottonwood cove and Willow Beach. If you have water level and gas information, I would appreciate it. Thanks!
  8. Hardy Dam

    Michigan Hot Boats
    Who is coming for hotboat weekend on hardy?
  9. [For Sale] Parker Dam River Getaway

    Other Stuff for Sale
    In Winnetou Shores #16 Two Bedroom, Two Bath. Large Frontroom with new carpet and remodeled Kitchen. Fully furnished. Private launch ramp, grassy play area for small kids and horse shoe pit next to the river. It has rented to Snowbirds for the past several years for Five months durinng the...
  10. 2012 Lake Mohave Damn Dam Run.......

    PB Open Water
    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The 2012 Lake Mohave Damn Dam Run Executive Committee has met and are pleased to announce that this years dates have been agreed upon and are now ready for publication. Saturday June 9, 2012, 10:00 am at the 5 mph...
  11. wanted dual 850's, linkage,lines, (dam thiefs)

    Parts for Sale
    Well, this is a setback wasn't prepared for...loaded up the truck/boat for the 4th of July weekend, woke up ready to roll out, and everything minus the blower was gone. I have been to ticked off to post but really need to get back into it, I am looking for a pair of 850's I have to go through...
  12. dam run video

    PB Open Water
    oxoxo ‪RD PEEPS DAM RUN VIDEO‬‏ - YouTube
  13. our Dam run pics....

    PB Open Water
    had a blast...lets do a vegas style run... start at willow...
  14. More Dam pics from the Dam run

    PB Open Water
    Met some great people and had a very fun day. Wish we could have shook hands with more of you. Dave and Terri
  15. dam pics form the dam run.....

    PB Open Water
    enjoy the pics...:D
  16. Dam run today-Thanks to Skia36 and the Mixer Mistress

    PB Open Water
    Campbell Carl invited Dawnette and I to hit Lake Mohave with a bunch of PB and RDP forum members. Although Carl didn't make the initial part of the run, Steve and his significant other, who was a model for us at Hot Boat a few years back, were the most gracious hosts. We met in Boulder City and...
  17. Dam 4

    East Coast - South
    Grapevine has it, the powerhitters are coming in this weekend. Hmmmm, Just so happens, myself, T and Karl are coming in by accident Saturday around 1 or 2PMish. Now, I am certainly not one to stir up anything, but I must add, Karl is bringing the "New -to-him" SWTD. This may be one peice of...
  18. God dam sum bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Community Help
    Almost every time I try to post, I get a Performance boat not responding. I write a bunch of stuff and it won't post. It won't let me copy the writing to put it on a new page after it freezes. I posted three pictures yesterday and I ended up having to post one,edit,post another,edit,post...
  19. Dam Zebras

    PB Open Water
    Going to Tahoe for a week on the boat, Surprise! up to 70.00 inspection fee + launch fee. They are looking for the Zebra and Quagga mussle. They can inspect my boat but why should I pay for it..... Wait a min. is'nt half of this lake California, ok nevermind.
  20. Dam neighborhood cat raiding the quail nests.

    PB Open Water