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    Went out and did a lil shopping...........see anything u need........... Rail kit blue w/silver back plates..........$100 STACK TANK MOUNTS...............$50 gold rail kit................$40 nice flip top gas caps.........$50 valve covers...
  2. Gotta admit though. He's damn good !

    Political Rhetoric
    At lying, denial and self arrogance ! President: We did not 'mislead' on ObamaCare | On Air Videos | Fox News
  3. Damn Libtards... Why is this "NEWS"???

    Political Rhetoric
    I don't give a fuck!!! Most we knew anyway... LIBTARDS!!! :))ThumbsDwn
  4. hot damn hondo 006 back on the water

    saw this in the open water section and moved it over here hope thats ok with neverfastenough69 posted by Neverfastenough69 Junior MemberJoin DateJan 2012Posts4 1974 hot damn hondo 006...
  5. 1974 hot damn hondo 006 back in the water!

    PB Open Water
    My dad and uncle have owned this boat since fall of 1975. They are the third owners of the boat and it is still in their possession today. My dad raced it for years until he had my brother and I. The 006 is under the 703 number, you can still see it but not in the pictures. The "hot damn" is...
  6. Damn Libtard Media

    Political Rhetoric
    They were talking about Bobo's vacation this morning, then the next words out of his mouth was that Bush took more vacations and more days than Obama... Hello!!!! That was in the 8 years Bush was president. Bobo has been in what? 5 1/2??? Yea, that apples to apples. Freaking morons! :no:
  7. Pretty damn cool!

    Outboard Church
  8. Finestein...........Is she stupid or just plain damn ignorant

    Political Rhetoric
    Did any of you guys see the speach she made on the magazine ban crap? "It's a Federal regulation that you hunt ducks in this country with no more than three bullets in your gun." she says first then "But it's legal to hunt humans with a 30,50,100, round clip" What is up with this dumb bitch? I...
  9. Coyote 36 rebuild or Damn bro you crazy

    PB Open Water
    Given that the weather is too cold to do glass work :bangmyhead: and I want to go to the Miami boat show before I start making my interior and seating. I spent some quality time making the rebuild site better. I have broken the pics apart and I will continue to add sections as I move forward on...
  10. Hove you guys seen this? Damn cool!

    PB Open Water
    Love this kinda stuff!
  11. Damn democrats

    Political Rhetoric
    Typical thinking of the "O" supporters.!! Or should i re-phrase it ... "O"- SUCKERS! Detroit councilwoman to Obama: We voted for you, now bail us out - Fox 2 News Headlines
  12. Damn It...Say It's Not So

    PB Open Water
    McDonalds it's the only thing on the menu I like...I can't wait that long. McRib to be brought back in December | Fox News
  13. damn vandals!!

    PB Open Water
    out at lake mead there always seems to be some as_ holes going around messing with peoples vehicles, trailers. 2 weeks ago someone bumped into my front bumper taking just a little paint, but this last weekend another jerk cut my brake lines on the triple axle trailer,. couple years ago someone...
  14. Damn Shame...

    Buncha turncoat chumps > whoda thunk :))ThumbsDwn At least Classic Hot Boats and Southern Performance Boat didn't get undermined and sunk to the bottom of Lake Anna.
  15. One DAMN NICE BOAT!!!!

    PB Open Water
    USS IOWA....... Leaving Suisun Bay for it final resting place.....
  16. damn!! fast isnt enough

    Jet Boats
    got the boat out on the water today for the first time. great times with only a few small problems, that were suspect before i went. points are crap and ill be purchasing a new dist very soon. also the front u-joint is a bit loose so that will get the once over soon. aside from that its big...
  17. 2012 Lake Mohave Damn Dam Run.......

    PB Open Water
    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The 2012 Lake Mohave Damn Dam Run Executive Committee has met and are pleased to announce that this years dates have been agreed upon and are now ready for publication. Saturday June 9, 2012, 10:00 am at the 5 mph...
  18. Damn those rich people

    Political Rhetoric
    Rich people are more likely to be rude drivers, in addition to being more prone to lie and cheat than non-rich people, a UC Berkeley study found. Of course Berzerkeley would know how to study rich people. I sit at a corner in Santa Ana, and some sumbitch starts across the street at about ZERO...
  19. Bunch of damn racists!!!!

    Political Rhetoric
    Nearly 2 Dozen States Consider Plans To Drug Test Welfare Recipients As Issue Arises In GOP Campaign | Fox News Let the crying and rioting begin! :shock:
  20. Damn Thieves!!

    PB Open Water
    Been saving for a New GPS and bought a Garmin NUVI 1450,wish I could have got to use it once:)bit I was at the Tropicana Express and it was stolen out of my car and the Security is blowing me off.I want to see the Security Tapes but head of Security must be too busy to call.:))ThumbsDwn